Sun-Day One Day

Sun-Day One Day

Ok so we’re in the last week of January of the new year. How is it going for you? Are those resolutions sticking? If they are, GREAT!!! If not, there is good news! That good news is, there is another week in front of you for you to start today and get it right!

Lets sit down and get that to-do list out and get it going.

  • Whats been lingering on your to-do list since 2019
  • What appointments do you need to schedule
  • What habits do you need to break? Break them this week!
  • What habits do you need to start? Start them this week!

Sunday for me is a day of reflection and renewal. I like to take this day and remember all of the blessings we have and make a plan to make the next week better! Make your plans and take it one day at a time!

Happy Planning in Lisa’s Lane

A Friendly Reminder for The NEW YEAR


I’m often asked how I get so many activities into one day so I figured I would share my secret. First and foremost I have an unshakeable faith in my God given abilities therefore I know all things are a matter of me trying and then there is my magical schedule!

I change my schedule with the quarter. The new year into the spring is my first quarter. I run all of our family businesses as well as our household so my schedule is my most important tool in my box. Heres a sample of the schedule I have put together for the new year.


  • 5 am rise and shine before the house wakes up
  • Let my 4 pooches out and have my espresso (double shot)
  • Yoga/cardio/weights/ stretching based on the day
  • 6-6:20 make breakfast for kids and smoothies for us
  • 6:20 kids risen and shine for breakfast
  • 6:40-7:20 get kids ready for school and out of the door
  • 7:40 drop kids, run morning errands return home by 9am
  • Shower and dress
  • 30 minutes of computer work
  • 1 hour of feeding & running pups and garden time
  • Blog/Book writing
  • Tidy home
  • Start dinner
  • Errands and pick up littles

If you think the morning flys by, you’ve never paid attention to the afternoon. This would be the time stress likes to settle in. You go from worrying about one to worrying about a house full, so an evening routine is the most important in my eyes. Mine goes as such:


  • 5-6 Outdoor play/garden time
  • 6-7 Dinner
  • 7-7:30 Homework
  • 7:30-8 Bath-time with a cup of tea to calm
  • 8 Bedtime for kiddos
  • Bath/shower for mommy
  • Next day prep after shower
  • TV/ book reading and tea
  • 10pm bedtime

I also schedule the 2nd and 4th Wednesday as my me days where I go to the spa to keep my body recharged. I hope this can be a guide for you as you plan this first quarter of your year!

Happy planning from Lisa’s lane

The Beauty of the Renew

We finally made it! My family and I are now part of the 10 year club. My parents were married until my father passed away so my example was that I should find this same type of longevity in marriage. Well the elusive ten year mark finally hit and we dropped everything and grabbed a few friends and headed back to where it all began! THE BAHAMAS!

Our original wedding planners family in The Bahamas and ours have come to be great friends so of course it wouldn’t be complete without her being part of the guest list instead of organizing everything. I wanted to share this beautiful experience with all of you and remind those of you that are married that the good times are GREAT and the bad times are temporary. Welcome to our story!

My groom waiting for his bride

Mila and I preparing to reveal our gowns

The best part of me
Our little flower girl

The most handsome little boy ever!

I said I do all over again
Now let the party begin!!!!

Merry Christmas! A gift for all

Merry Christmas!

I have two New Years I like to celebrate,  my birthday and the one the rest of the world celebrates.  My birthday in December is the day I begin setting new goals and the January first is my start date.  I do this so I can have a preparation period.  All great plans begin with….well a plan.  One of my plans is to make sure this blog is a place for all to go and enjoy a little uplifting read and a bit of decision making inspiration.  As my husband once told me, you can do anything you want you just need time management and a plan.  He’s a top level exec that thrives off of organization and a schedule (although he has a team that keeps his life in order including me and I just have lil ole me).

how to plan and party

So what to look forward to?  I will post 4 times a month, once weekly.  We will break this life down into quarters and we will set goals and accomplish them!!  We will see the world, start businesses and enjoy more family time.  I often push other things aside so I can do these things but I wait until I’m overwhelmed then I react, NO MORE!!


Week 1 Sorting Sunday- This will be our weekly to do list.  We will get our list to get our lives.  Sunday is the day we need to have all of the events of our week in order.  I will post mine so you can take a page out of my book as to what I plan to accomplish.  This will probably be the longest of the month because it will have a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It will have all of the fill in slots for everything you will need for the month.  It will be based on the month ahead.

Week 2 Maintence Monday- This will be our list of things we need to do for ourselves as individuals for personal health and happiness.  This is the day where we make ourselves better with self love so we can properly love others.

Week 3 Trinket Tuesadays- I am always finding things that make my life easier.  I love shopping and I love bringing things home even more.  I have the best stuff lol. I am always sharing with friends and families the new books I’ve read, the new cooking gadget or new pet product.

Week 4 Fashion Friyay – This will be a day of displaying my best fashion finds and looks of the month. I am constantly changing and learning about new tricks and trends in hair and makeup so although I don’t wear it often, I always give makeup a spin and I LOVE makeup shopping and trying.  Ill post my cocktail on call for the season as well as anything that has me happy for the month because there’s no better day than a Friday!!

lisa's Lane


I hope you enjoy our new format and I l0ok forward to this new year with you!  Now let the countdown begin!!~!


Counting down in Lisa’s Lane!