How To Get Your Chicken Flock Started

How To Get Your Chicken Flock Started

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Three years ago I finished building my home and the only thing that was on my mind was “when will I be ready to get chickens!” Now here we are and I finally have 13 chickens. My my my who knew for every five chickens you get that only means you have one.

I’ve learned addiction can come in many forms and my new addiction happens to have wings. Not just chickens, but peacocks, ducks and anything thats cute and feathery. I’ve even begun admiring the hawks and owls in nearby trees waiting to swoop down and take hold of my feathery family. That being said, I have learned a lot about how to and not to care for these amazing creatures.

Any size yard can accommodate chickens. It is always advisable to have at least a pair but if you’re getting chicks I would say get three because all may not survive and you don’t want to have one lonely little chick. Loss is something we have had to become accustom to as well. Between predators, temperature hazards and coop living mixed with free range dangers, becoming a 20 week old chicken is an amazing feat.

Before you go out an find your perfect chicks there are a few steps you need to take.

Chickens are THE easiest pet I have ever raised. The biggest investment was the coop and after that, time was the only other true investment. Now we have fresh eggs daily and lots of love. Chickens can learn up to 100 words as well as your voice, they will know you are their human. I love morning feed times when I arrive at the coop to give them free range time. They all run out and surround me waiting to get a few drops of scratch (seeds) and a little rub down their backs. My flock has managed to keep my banana tree beds weed free and mosquitos are kept at bay because they eat the larve. They protect the area from small snakes and creatures that may not be beneficial to have in our space. I can leave out of town for a whole week and just have enough feed and space for them to free roam with no worries. They are a great addition to any backyard and will add years of fresh food and fun to any home.

I truly don’t know how I ever lived without chickens! But I hope to never have to again.

Straight out of Lisa’s Lane!

Mazatlan, Mexico A Diamond in the Rough


When I think of heading out of the U.S for a beach adventure I often think of the new culture we will experience.  Most of the time we venture to Mexico and find a lot of American influence. I must say Mazatlan was a welcomed surprise!!!!  When we arrived we expected the same experience of Cancun or Cabo but to our surprise we had actually landed in Mexico!


In Mazatlan it was quite beneficial to have a working knowledge of the Spanish language.  It is a beautiful city with deep cultural roots!  They have traditions like the daily divers that dive from the cliff into the crashing waves of the pacific ocean, and survive, or the swimmers that swim miles across the ocean from the mainland to Deer and Stone Island.



Mila and I spent a day in the Mazatlan Galleria as Daddy and Kingston spent the day on the golf course.  We were thrilled in the Galleria because they had American brands sprinkled through out but the mall was dominated by Central and South American culture and design.


One of the main attractions of Mazatlan is deep sea fishing which we spent a full day doing.  We spent six hours in the middle of the ocean and although it was breath taking it was terrifying for me lol.  We saw everything from massive whales to sea turtles that had to be at least 100 years old due to their size.  It was an amazing sight to look out into the vastness of the ocean with no land in sight.


Lastly, this city will captivate you with the beauty of its landscape.  You have so many islands that are just a short boat ride (or swim if you dare) away.  Each island has its own unique make up it will take you a full seven days to enjoy all of them.  The view to the mainland from each island was impressive.  I cannot say enough great things about this island hopping  adventure.


If you are look for a trip to take you away to a time before readily accessible wifi Mazatlań is the place to go!  It was a culturally rich Mexican adventure!

From Lisa’s Lane in  Mexico!

January at a Glance

As the New Year is here so are new goals and expectations of ourselves. Now is a good time to break out your planner and get to planning. This year will only be what you make it so lets make it great! Any and everything can work with a plan in place so lets get started.

Topics to consider:

  • Your daily schedule
  • Where you plan to travel for the year
  • Your monthly meal menu
  • Your savings chart
  • Holiday travel
  • Major purchases
  • Small Goals
  • Large Goals
  • What do you want your life to feel like this time next year

My Calendar is up for the month what about yours?

Recipe:Shrimp & Grits

My friends always laugh at me for having no sense of time when it comes to meals. I like to eat what I have a taste for whether it is morning or evening. I love a good restaurant but I am very picky and there are a couple of dishes I only eat when I prepare and grits are one of those dishes I can typically only enjoy at home. I hope you find this recipe tasty. Remember with all great cooks comes modification to taste. I provide the basics of what I enjoy but feel free to zest it up with your special flavors!

Shopping ingredients:

  • Jumbo/Large Shrimp (peeled and deveined)
  • Grits
  • Easy melt cheese of your choice (Velveeta for me cheddar for my hubby)
  • Ghee
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Garlic powder Or fresh garlic
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • White Pepper (extra spice)
  • Fresh basil



  1. Bring water to a boil for grits based on the instructions on the container and how many you are serving. Prepare as instructed.
  2. Add seasoning to the boiling water before adding grits, this will flavor the water and penetrate the grits.
  3. As the grits get thicker add cheese. If the grits are not as thin as you would like add water 1/4th a cup at a time until you have the consistency you desire.


  1. Heat a Skillet and add Ghee based on how buttery you like your shrimp.
  2. If using fresh garlic add it to the Ghee in the skillet
  3. Add all seasoning to a large bowl and stir for shrimp
  4. Dip each shrimp in the seasoning mix and add to the skillet
  5. Cook until shrimp is pink and firm, flip on each side for at least 5 minutes

Plate your grits and shrimp and bon apetite!