Swimming with the Dolphins in Cabo Day 4

White Family in Cabo 2017
Nice to meet you Meslie

I have waited six years for this to happen and if finally did, swimming with the dolphins!  Back in 2012 Shannon and I had our first experience when Kingston was only one year old now five years later he and Mila were just the right age to share in this adventure with us!!

Our new dolphin friends name is Meslie and she was super sweet with a very unique sense of humor. She took to the open water displaying her skills by carrying us on her fin and underbelly then when Shannon leaned in for a kiss she slipped him a little tongue lololololol!!!!!

These are great excursions to do with kids!  Kingston and Mila were 6 and 4 in these pictures, as long as they are old enough to follow basic instructions you can get ready for a great day swimming with the dolphins!

White Family in Cabo 2017
By the end of it all we were drunk on salt water and dolphin kisses

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