Fridays here, Now what??!!

Fridays here, Now what??!!

Its Friday, the day we’ve all been waiting for!  We’ve been so excited about weeks end that we have not taken a moment to think about what we’re so excited about.  Let’s start from the top!

Friday Funday
Nothing is more fun than friends and family

Friday is the day we can begin to let our hair down.  Today is the day theres no guilt running through the fast food or donut line for breakfast for you AND the kids.  Who cares that the kitchen is not cleaned from last night, its time to party like its 1999 when we were young 20 somethings with no kids.  If you’re a recovering party-a-holic like me, you know how depressing a Friday can be if theres nothing to look forward to so lets set the plan!


Friday Funday
Fun with friends!
Girls just wanna have fun!








Its Halloween weekend so first things first, find a Friday night celebration!  We’re dropping in at the country club to enjoy the monster mash with the kids, friends and a lil rosé.  Of course this is all happening after mommy enjoys a day to herself of shopping for my Maleficent costume and exfoliating in a house that no one else is in for a couple of hours.

Uncle Coop with the babes!
Friday Funday
Learning to salsa takes plenty practice
Friday Funday
Sing to me babee!!











Thats right! No errands for mom today, no cooking dinner because were eating out!  Just a day of relaxing.  You never know I may grab a glass of wine, champagne or margarita at lunch, the day is mine!!!!!

friday Sunday
Hiking and picking Muscadine grapes to make homemade wine can be fun

OK, so if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the glue that keeps your family from falling apart so you will still need to do a few things to keep your perfect self going before you get into those lunchtime libations.

  • Clear your car out
  • Pack anything you will need so you won’t need to return home
  • Plan where you will have dinner
  • Feed your pets because it may be a late night
  • Prep for any Saturday activities (we have early morning baseball)
  • Be sure you have food for the weekend in your house especially sunday dinner items
  • Check emails and voicemails to clear anything pending
  • Get ready to party!!!


Now you can let your hair down and go!!!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend and Friday is For Fun!

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