The Holiday Body Prep

Going into the holiday season is a big deal for most bodies, this is why I like to begin my month with a “my style” detox.  This is not your typical fast or juice fad its just a great way to prime your body for all of the goodies like fried turkey, great beans with yummy bacon grease (yep thats a thing) and of course all the dessert one can handle.  We also cannot forget the mountains of candy from Halloween we’ve been forced to consume to protect our children from cavities (thats my story and Im sticking to it!)

how to eats
Fresh is Best

My body prep has a few main components but doesn’t leave me starving, water, foods that grow from the earth and rest.  Im a super carnivore so during these 7 days a lean chicken breast or steak may make its way into the mix but thats about it.  I believe life is about satisfaction not deprivation so if you feel like you need a lil iron in your life, grab that steak.  Your body is a miraculous machine and if you listen to it you will know exactly what you need to do to make it feel its best.



By the way….Im omitting alcohol for the week but I will not abandon my espresso lol!

Sunday Day 1

Breakfast- Watermelon, pineapple, blackberries, bananas

Brunch- Baked potato

Lunch-Spicy bean and collard greens soup, one of my favorite veggie soups from Oprah’s cook book!

Snack- Sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

Dinner- Rotisserie chicken (I have a rotisserie its amazing) zucchini and squash spirals with white rice

I’ll eat the spirals and maybe a chicken breast but my kids still need their protein.  If I find myself getting hungry ill grab another bowl of my soup we had for lunch.

how to eats - watermelon kebabs
kids prepping watermelon kebabs


Monday Day 2 during the week we are typically on the go so snacks and brunch are just extra fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds I have bag of pecans, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries I made to keep in my purse for those moments of hunger or a snack attack.

Breakfast- Fruits

Lunch- Soup and salad (I’ll be making Lentil soup that morning in the crockpot so it will be ready by the time I’m hungry)

Dinner- Homemade pizza Margherita pizza for me!  The crust does not necessarily fit into the whole detox picture but my thought is put more good in than bad and you’re winning!

how to eats
Margherita pizza

Tuesday Day 3

Breakfast- Leftover lentil soup

Lunch-Arugula, walnuts, blu cheese, onions and cranberries with a white truffle olive oil fresh squeezed lemon and champagne vinegar YUM!!!

Dinner- Pasta Primavera

how to eats
Peppers are a great addition


Wednesday Day 4

Breakfast- 3 boiled eggs with fruits

Lunch- Minestrone soup just a basic mixture of canelli beans, pasta shells and lots of veggies in a tomato based broth I’ve added the recipe we use from one of our kids cook books

Dinner- Bean and Veggie Chili

how to eats
Baked potato and chives
How to eats
Cesar Salad









Thursday Day 5

Breakfast- Steel cut oats with maple syrup ( be sure to start this early, steel cut oats take about 30 minutes)

Lunch- Beefsteak tomato, blu cheese, onion salad with olive oil and basalmic vinegarette

Dinner- Curried chicken white rice and asparagus this is a favorite for my kiddos

how to eats
Cedar plank salmon and a ribeye

Friday Day 6

Breakfast- Fruits as usual maybe add a yogurt if you want a little extra substance

Lunch- Leftover soup (which will be delicious after sitting for a day or two in the fridge)

Dinner- Grilled steak or chicken breast on a bed of your choice of lettuce with a olive oil and vinegar base if your choosing a steak topping add fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil, vinegarette and a dijon mustard to a bowl mix well and use that as your dressing.  You will love it!


Saturday Day 7

Breakfast- Fruit

Lunch- Salad

Dinner- Have a night on the town and make a healthy choice.


I guarantee after filling your body with all of these fruits and veggies and lean protein you will feel amazing going into the next week! Nutrition is the body equivalent to gas in a car.  Your mind will be clear and your energy levels will go through the roof!

You will detox all of the refined sugars and alcohol and may even lose a pound or two.

WATER WATER WATER!!!!  Every night I fill my half gallon water bottle and stick it in the fridge so I can grab it and go when I head out to drop the kids off.  Typically I finish that half gallon by the time I drop the first kid which reminds me how much water we need!  I have also found a wonderful probiotic for each of us and a great multivitamin.


Todays life is stressful and harsh so our bodies need this extra support.  Hope your holiday season is as beautiful as you are!



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