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I remember graduating high school being so excited about what was coming next, until “what next” came.  I was a new high school graduate with a plan yet I had done nothing to prepare to get this plan off the ground.

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My plan was to graduate high school and head off to Florida State and live the college life while working on a degree in Veterinarian Science with a speciality working with exotic animals and endangered species.  I was going to be great!  Well, most gals with this plan are working toward it from 9th grade on.  Plus, I had not even applied to college…. nope had no clue that was a thing lol.  Schools provide information on things like this but most of the time you have to seek out the information.

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So there I was 17 years old with a plan yet no way to make this plan work….what now!  Well I grew up in a military family so why not join the Army!!!  Ok well I can tell you about 20 reasons why not and the number one that was bothering me was people began saying I must not have had the grades to make it in college and at 17 what everyone says matters A WHOLE LOT.   Well, I got over that and went anyway and the rest was history.  I got married (like every new military person) I got divorced, I got married again I got divorced again, I got married ……this time I’m not getting divorced lol.

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One thing all of those marriages and plans have taught me is that life will happen no matter what you do!  You can sit back on the sidelines and let life happen to you and complain or you can make definitive decisions and be in control.  In my practice of taking control I managed to finish the Army, finish my degree, although not in veterinarian medicine I did start a doggie daycare that gave me a glimpse into working with animals until my plans of pregnancy made me make another choice that was hard but necessary.  I had to close the business.  It was the best thing I have ever done because in the journey that led me to the business I realized I have wanted to do so many things yet the one thing I had no passion for was kids.  Well, when I was given the ultimatum by my doc, kids or your business I had to choose my babes of course.

how to home

how to home


I had all of these plans, and along the way I knew I would be something great….a CEO, a supermodel, a brilliant scientist.  My Kingston was born and then my Mila and it taught me that maybe my problem was I focused too much on what I was going to be for the world to think I was great.  Now here I am 6 years after Kingston was born and I finally realized my calling.  I am a mommy and a wife.  When I began putting that above all other things and listening to my spirit about whats a go and a no go I’ve finally found the plan that has worked.  how to home


When searching this life I suggest happiness be the thing you desire because it is the only thing that will sustain you.  A new year is upon us.  It is time to make the plan to accomplish the dreams that are in your mind and in sync with your heart.

how to home

How To Happiness

Grab a notebook to keep with you at all times and make categories

  • My Marriage goals-  I never believed this before but married and committed people should not spend a lot of time with their single friends.  Each of you are developing a different part of your life and it is not healthy for a relationship.
  • My kids goals- How can I make their lives full, happy and healthy
  • My family goals- How can our unit be stronger
  • My money goals- How much do I have, how much do I need
  • My Homestead goals- Is this my final home or do I want to downsize or upgrade
  • My fitness goals- Make these realistic and don’t be too hard on yourself and make it a lifestyle not a diet
  • My nutrition goals try to get rid of the things that have ingredients you cannot pronounce, you’ll be surprised how much this will change your life
  • My materialistic wants
  • My curiosities- don’t give up on the things you once wanted because life is a little different now
  • My friendship circle who do I want in it , who NEEDS to go, friendships should be symbiotic anyone that is not growing and has been the same for the past 5-10 years is out! If you’re the only healthy person in a room full of sick people, you will not make them healthy but they WILL make you sick.
  • My mind, body and spirit connection- self care is very important. Take a bath, sit in garden, say a prayer, meditate, go for a walk alone and spend some time with your thoughts and feelings to refresh yourself
  • My personal time goals, hobbies and activities-after having kids I realized the only thing I use to do was happy hour and club lol (don’t judge) so i’ve had to find new things to love like travel, blogging, yoga, reading, gardening, decorating, business consulting and of course cooking!  Thats just to name a few to home

This life has been an interesting journey although I wonder what would’ve happened had “my plans” worked out, Ive cultivated a life I wouldn’t change for the world.  I stopped letting life happen to me and I began living the life I want!how to home


Happy living from Lisa’s Lane

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