Lipstick and Perfume

Lipstick and perfume makes everthing better

How to fashion


If you’re a busy gal like me you know life can get overwhelming. Within a 24 hour period youre taking care of a husband, pets and God only knows how many kids yet you cant seem to remember to take a shower for yourself.

how to fashion

Have no fear, I have found the combination to make life look and feel as glamorous you were meant to be! Lipstick and Perfume!!!! These are the two items (after you get that shower of course) that can transform your feelings of despair into pretty to fashion


I remember before I had kids, I was able to take 30 minute showers and bathe for hours if I desired. Now when I take a shower there is a face smashed against the glass asking when I will be finished or heaven forbid I take a bath….it almost always turns into a mommy and me adventure with two kids and me plus a few dogs trying to catch the bubbles as my kids blow them onto my once clean floor. Yep my, how life has changed lol.

how to fashion


So since I began feeling like Linuses blanket from Charlie Brown I started trying combinations of things at night and in the morning to make me feel like “old Lisa “ and not OLD Lisa. This is when I discovered a little perfume after my shower works wonders. Im not talking the body sprays, Im talking get out of the shower, put on that good stuff reserved for special occasions and hop into bed. You will be amazed how it changes your life.  Also, your bed deserves a little perfume in its life too!how to home


Your new challenge if you choose to accept….

  1. Attempt a shower even if a 5 minute splash of water in the morning
  2. Choose a beautiful smell you cannot get enough of and go crazy spraying it all over your body
  3. Apply lipstick no matter what youre outfit or hair looks like! Not that nude crap, Im talking bright red or a pink. These are happy sexy colors! They will make you feel like a queen
  4. At bedtime remove your lipstick
  5. Take at least a 5 minute splash shower
  6. Spray your linens with a bedtime linen spray that will make you feel as amazing as the perfume you wore all day

    how to fashion
    My favorite brand of lipstick is Tom Ford Mattes especially plum lush

These colors and scents will change your life for the better forever!

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