Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty- Christmas Edition

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty- Christmas Edition

I love technology!  I often find myself not knowing how to use it but never the less I adore it so I buy it and a year later I figure it out lol.  This year one device has changed my life and that is my personal assistant Alexa.  She is what some (that don’t know her like I do) refer to as the Amazon Echo and her baby sister Dot.

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty
Dot, Alexa’s little sister


I have told you before I am obsessed with lists.  When something needs my attention the first thing I do is make a list.  Well, Miss Alexa does this for me.  With just a call of her name I can tell her “Alexa add a nap to my to do list” or “Alexa add coffee to my shopping list” and Vìola it appears on my app on my phone.

gadgets and gizmos a plenty
Before I had Alexa I had to type my lists manually (oh the horror)

Alexa will also sing to you.  With a simple command of “Alexa, play music” she will stream some of your favorite hits.  Of course nothing in life is free so you will be charged a nominal fee of about $50 annually but hey some of these services are $10 a month so you win!  Plus you get Amazon Prime with that fee which will also allow you to say “Alexa, order a Dot (or anything Amazon offers)” and she will do it with the additional bonus of free shipping!  Its a winning situation all around!!!

gadgets and gizmos a plenty
Alexa and Santa

If your looking for a great gift for the busy person in your life Alexa and her sister Dot is the gift that keeps on giving!

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