7 Things before Christmas 13 before The New year

How to holidaysLet the countdowns begin!  Christmas and The New Year is right around the corner and people are going into panic and depression mode.  Families are getting mad at one another, parents are yelling at kids and most of us are finding things to be stressed about

how to holidays



Lets all take a minute to breathe and stop (in the words of Q-tip) and realize all of the wonderful reasons we have to celebrate the season.  This has been a horrible year of natural disasters and shocking news but luckily we can use this time of year to be thankful for the smallest things.  True small things don’t put food on the table but a calm spirit will help you be able to focus and get your eye back on the prize.  Lets take this seven days before Christmas to get our bodies ready for the New Year.  By body I mean total body… Mind, body and spirit.

how to holidays



I’ve been told, I am one of the most non-stop human most of my friends know.  If  I’m not tackling my kids its my dogs if its not my dogs I’m making my hubby look good (lol yup he knows it lolololol) if its not that I’m tackling one of our three businesses or twelve properties or starting something new sheeeeeeeeeew yep its a lot and I rarely can find extra time but some how I do and by the end of the year my enthusiasm is not what it was in the summer lol.  Every year I like to start on a fresh foot!  The best way to do this is not to only celebrate a new start at the new year but to start one on each special occasion.

  • Your Birthday is your new year for your personal goals
  • Your Kids Birthday is a new year for new goals for them
  • Your Pets Birthday (we celebrate ours) is the day to make sure they’re caught up on everything
  • Your Anniversary is your new year for new relationship goals
  • Your Business anniversary is a new year for you to add something or make a positive change
  • The New School year is a time for new goals

how to home

January first is a time for a family renewal.  Christmas is the time for a spiritual renewal.  In the next 7/13 I will take you on my step by step journey of renewal to get ourselves back on track to enjoy the spirit of the season and excited about a productive new year!

how to home


Lets get it started in Lisa’s Lane

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