The real woman and moms guide to finding time to workout

As the summer approaches we all begin thinking about the weight gain that came along with the joy of the holiday season.  This is the time to get serious about that holiday weight, weight loss.  You still have time.  Spring is the time I begin focusing on my push backs a little more than a push up.  Push back is when you push back from the table before that extra side of cake.

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My goal on this post is to teach you about balance.  So lets start with a realistic approach to your diet.

  1. Drink plenty of water!!!!!!  Water is the source of all things living and will keep your body at its optimal performance.
  2. Have a salad before every meal or drink a meal replacement shake so you won’t have enough room in your tummy for those 3 pieces of chicken but you can still eat one and be satisfied
  3. Pick the meal you’re going to go all out.  You can’t have donuts for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch, bacon cheeseburger with extra fries and dessert everyday and expect to be in shape, but you can pick one of these and have discipline with your meals for the rest of the day
  4. When drinking alcohol, stop when you feel good.  Don’t try to keep going and just know the best way to recover from drinking the next day is to not drink too much.  Also the ratio is 2:1 for water and alcohol.  So if you have 2 cocktails you need to drink 4 glasses (the same size as the cocktail) of water.
  5. I keep a bag of nuts or sunflower seeds and a half gallon of water in my car so the munchies never get the best of me.  Its a great way to keep your protein up and stay hydrated

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So now that we have our eating under control lets talk about keeping firm.  If you need to lose weight lets focus on cardio and fat burning.

fat burning

  • 20 minutes of running or the treadmill or the elliptical machine
  • 25 minutes of 3 reps of 12 for each light weight exercise
  • Day 1 arms, shoulders  and core
  • Day 2 legs, booty and core
  • Day 3 back and core



Don’t think you have to be in the gym or have access to fancy machinery a workout is as close as running in your neighborhood then coming home finding something that weighs 5lbs and using that as weight.

Now if you already have your diet down and your weight where you want it but you want some definition you will want to focus more on strength building by increasing the weight with the same workout regimen.

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Hope this helps you get in the right lane! From Lisa’s Lane!!!


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