When Summer Arrives I Break it Down!


I often go back and forth with my favorite season.  The holiday season is my favorite….until summer arrives!  Summer is here and my family and I are in our little piece of heaven!  We locked up our house, packed up the dogs and headed to the beach!  The beach is a place where I regain all of my sanity I have lost over the busy academic year.  Lets face it, even the holidays are full of hustle and bustle and doing too much of everything.  Luckily summer arrives, right at the breaking point, and it is our time to sit and enjoy some stillness.  During summer over indulgence is too much so we do just the right amount of everything.  There is no rush for anything and clothing is optional!


I like to break my summer into three months….

June- annual beach house birthday bash, just relax, go with the flow and catch up with friends on the beach or by a pool (again clothing optional)

July- new experience, road trips and maybe a camp or two this is when we get active

August- family vacation, back to school prep doc appointments and lots of shopping



This is how I make sure we have the best summer ever!!  How do you break your summer down?  Remember with a plan anything is possible!  Get planning!



Happy Summertime from Lisa’s Lane

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