Fur Baby Foodies….The Recipes!


I always post how important it is to me to feed your pets like family.  The idea of feeding my children from a big bag I buy once a month is outrageous and I feel the same way about my other kids.  We like to provide real foods for our pups as well as our fish.  Nice frozen mealworms and live plants keep our fish happy and healthy just like real meat and veggies keep our pups in the right frame of mind.


My love language is through food. I put a lot of love into the foods I feed my family and if you’re like me you’ll appreciate these awesome recipes!


Doggy Dining

10 lb ground beef  or  de-boned chicken

1 lb wild brown rice

4 -5 lbs mixed vegetables with corn, green beans, carrots, peas

2 large sweet potatoes


In a large stock pot boil your chicken until it falls off of the bone.  Slice your sweet potatoes and in a second pot boil your sweet potatoes.  After your potatoes are softened and your chicken is tender transfer each of them to a separate bowl.  Mix the chicken stock and potato stock.  Bring 32oz of the stock to a boil (freeze and save remaining stock)  then add rice and cook as directed.  Using a food processor chop the mixed veggies and transfer to a separate bowl (this makes it easier for your pups to get the nutrients from the vegetables).  You can also use the food processor for your meats if you want to make it a little easier on a smaller pup. After the rice has absorbed all of the stock you can now begin mixing all of your ingredients.  Stir well and transfer to a mason jar and freeze.  I take 6 jars out each night to be sure two meals are thawed for my pups.

My first loves, I miss them so much!


In a large pot brown and chop your ground beef as you would for tacos.  Using a colander drain the beef and transfer to a bowl.  Follow the chicken recipe from this point.  You will only have sweet potato stock for your rice unless you have saved chicken stock from previous meals.

I use a

4oz jar for my schnauzer (he’s 16lbs)

8oz jar (I only fill to about 6 oz) for my pug mix (30lbs)

32oz plastic container for my Doberman mix (70lbs)











Kitty Meals

I like to use fish for our adopted cat Posá at our beach house.  She is a feral cat but we feed her and keep her healthy and she keeps the mice and rattle snakes away!  When I don’t plan to make her fish I just throw a extra jar of chicken based dog food and she loves it as much as she does the fish! Cats typically eat a lot less than dogs so its a lot easier to buy a bag of salmon or tilapia or fish of your choice (I like to use the bait fish that goes unused on the island from our neighbors).

2lbs of fish

2lb of chicken liver

1lb wild brown rice

1 cup fresh parsley

2 carrots

1 butternut squash

Lightly season your cat food with fresh (your or your cats choices through trial and error) basil, dill, lavender, catmint, oregano and rosemary

In separate stock pots boil your chicken livers until they turn into mush, this will be your rice stock.  Bake your fish until flaky enough to break up with a fork. Bake your carrots and squash until softened as well.  Boil 32oz of stock (save and freeze for next meal) add rice and cook as directed. When rice is  cooked use a food processor to blend rice carrots, squash, parsley and herbs of choice.  Use one herb in addition to parsley with each batch of food.  After all ingredients are processed use a fork to flake your fish into the mixture.  Then use a 4oz jar to freeze and store.



Always remember never add salt or seasonings.  In the wild these creatures would be hunting fresh meat.  Lets keep it as close to natural as possible.  Use real cuts of meat and nothing canned due to the sodium.

Some of the benefits of homemade foods

  • better absorption of nutrients so less poop!
  • healthier coat and skin
  • fewer food related health issues
  • healthier weight

But one of the best things of all is your pet will know they are family and not just a pet!

In Memory of My Chyna and Cairo

Furry Friend Fun in Lisa’s Lane!

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