Happy New Year….Prep

So another New Year is upon us and we are hearing people talk about resolutions, how they don’t believe in resolutions or how nothing ever sticks. Well, I am here to tell you one sure fire way to make it stick…..commit to it!

This is your year! This is the year that you are going to get your marriage on track or get married, your going to lose weight, your going to go back to school, you’re going to buy a house, you’re going to run a marathon, youre going to become a minimalist, you’re going to move to another city or home, you’re going to do it! Now that I am in the year of 40 I get a lot of questions about how I feel about it and I had to do some reflecting. I feel amazing about it! I feel like my life I is where it is supposed to be therefore theres really no other way to feel. I also know the biggest reason it feels so great is because I set goals often and I don’t give up until I achieve them.

As we enter into the new year lets start working on setting a plan so 1 January we can be ready to enact them.

  1. Sit quietly with no distractions and think of what you want your life to look like and write each thing down
  2. Write down step by step how you think you will accomplish each one of those things
  3. Pick which thing you will focus on first, second, third etc…
  4. Add start date to your calendar and follow up with a date you will check your progress.
  5. Keep moving until life looks the way you want it to and don’t let distractions keep you away from your goals.

These are the first 5 simple steps to accomplishing a goal. Let’s get moving down Lisa’s Lane!

Gone with the wind in the New Year!

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