A Friendly Reminder for The NEW YEAR

A Friendly Reminder for The NEW YEAR


I’m often asked how I get so many activities into one day so I figured I would share my secret. First and foremost I have an unshakeable faith in my God given abilities therefore I know all things are a matter of me trying and then there is my magical schedule!

I change my schedule with the quarter. The new year into the spring is my first quarter. I run all of our family businesses as well as our household so my schedule is my most important tool in my box. Heres a sample of the schedule I have put together for the new year.


  • 5 am rise and shine before the house wakes up
  • Let my 4 pooches out and have my espresso (double shot)
  • Yoga/cardio/weights/ stretching based on the day
  • 6-6:20 make breakfast for kids and smoothies for us
  • 6:20 kids risen and shine for breakfast
  • 6:40-7:20 get kids ready for school and out of the door
  • 7:40 drop kids, run morning errands return home by 9am
  • Shower and dress
  • 30 minutes of computer work
  • 1 hour of feeding & running pups and garden time
  • Blog/Book writing
  • Tidy home
  • Start dinner
  • Errands and pick up littles

If you think the morning flys by, you’ve never paid attention to the afternoon. This would be the time stress likes to settle in. You go from worrying about one to worrying about a house full, so an evening routine is the most important in my eyes. Mine goes as such:


  • 5-6 Outdoor play/garden time
  • 6-7 Dinner
  • 7-7:30 Homework
  • 7:30-8 Bath-time with a cup of tea to calm
  • 8 Bedtime for kiddos
  • Bath/shower for mommy
  • Next day prep after shower
  • TV/ book reading and tea
  • 10pm bedtime

I also schedule the 2nd and 4th Wednesday as my me days where I go to the spa to keep my body recharged. I hope this can be a guide for you as you plan this first quarter of your year!

Happy planning from Lisa’s lane

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