School Eats for the Week

If you jump up every morning in a panic about what to feed the kids here’s a list that will help you get through the week. I like to put this together so my week is just a get up and go or prep the night before.

  • Monday- Soup of choice (since its technically still winter) make a big pot so it can serve as an appetizer for dinner through the week
  • Tuesday- Hamburgers
  • Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets (Costco has a great organic whole chicken brand)
  • Thursday- Hot-wings (Whole Foods has a great fresh buffalo wing option)
  • Friday- Pizza Since Fridays are pizza day on the menu at school, when we order pizza from my kids favorite restaurant I always order a second one and freeze it in individual freezer safe bags so I can let them have pizza day every Friday with the students that order lunch

For the add-ons to lunch be sure to include:

  • a fruit
  • a veggie
  • a salty snack
  • a dessert (I usually add fruit snacks or a bite size chocolate bar)
  • a beverage

My kids often have something left over so they always have a snack to enjoy at pick up time!!

The soup I am preparing for this week is one of my favorites that I got from Oprahs cook book. Its heavy on the veggies with a little spice and my family can’t get enough!!

From the pages of Food Health and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey

This soup cooks and freezes well. The flavor also becomes more intense as the days go by so around day three you get the full flavor and spice yum!

Stay in Lisa’s Lane for dinner ideas

Happy Eats this Week, From Lisa’s Lane!

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