Sun-Day One Day

Sun-Day One Day

Ok so we’re in the last week of January of the new year. How is it going for you? Are those resolutions sticking? If they are, GREAT!!! If not, there is good news! That good news is, there is another week in front of you for you to start today and get it right!

Lets sit down and get that to-do list out and get it going.

  • Whats been lingering on your to-do list since 2019
  • What appointments do you need to schedule
  • What habits do you need to break? Break them this week!
  • What habits do you need to start? Start them this week!

Sunday for me is a day of reflection and renewal. I like to take this day and remember all of the blessings we have and make a plan to make the next week better! Make your plans and take it one day at a time!

Happy Planning in Lisa’s Lane

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