Christmas Chaos before the Freeze

Christmas Chaos before the Freeze

Night time harvest.

As you all know I am in zone 9 and we are a semi-tropical place until we are not! I have the loveliest banana trees around my pool and so many desert roses an plumerias that do not like cold weather. We are expecting a freeze down to about 19 degrees and I have got to hustle up and get every one into the greenhouse. Below I will go over how tot get your life entire ready if you want to preserve your farm during these times.

Lets start with my 12 hens. I have a run inside my greenhouse. That may not be enough too keep them nice and warm so I will put a few brooder lamps near their coop so they have a place to stay nice and toasty. Throwing extra scratch and feed will keep their body fat up and as long was they are warm they will keep producing those lovely little butt nuggets for my friends and family to enjoy. Also add a little extra hay for them to snuggle in.

Its freezing cats and dogs but don’t let your cats and dogs freeze. although my fur babies only go outside when they want to, if you have a pet it is very important tot understand they are not equip to deal with the freezing temperatures unless the breed is specific tot that environment. All of my dogs are accustom to sleeping in comfort but I will still put sweaters on all of them except thee princess Pomeranian she will wear foot guards. This will keep them from having accidents in our home because they are too cold to go outside. I also like to give them a treat and warm broth for them to lap up into their bellies.

My kitties are a little different. no sweaters for them. They will go outside until they decide to return tot their snuggle spot indoors. Cats are pretty smart and won’t deal with the elements if they don’t have to. Be sure if you have cats that venture outside from time to time, to have all of their vaccines up tot date.

I’ll post Christmas sweater photos soon!

Here comes the hard part. Be sure to cover any and all plants with cloth then something plastic. The cloth will keep them warm and the plastic will keep the cloth dry. If you just use plastic the plants will become cold from the plastic temperatures. I like tot wrap my plants and cover them. Any tropicals I have like my desert roses or cacti I bring into the house. I don’t want tot take any chances that my 3+ year old growth be ruined by the freezing temperatures. If you have planted tropicals in the ground and are expecting a freeze you may want to purchase a large pot and pot it, because if there is a risk of a freeze it won’t be the last time you are concerned about this. So our take away is :

  • Cover all plants with thick cloth first then plasttic
  • Be sure to wrap the plants if they are large like banana trees, to protect their base but not too tight.
  • Take all tropicals indoors and any potted plants.
  • if you have tropicals in the ground it may be a good idea to pot them and bring them inside.
  • Use a root stimulator to keep your plants fertilized and string during this stressful period. All do well when they are well well nourished in a stressful period.

As aa builder I would be remised if I did not share with you what your plumbing looks like under your home. All of these pipes are intertwined and if you have a problem in one area it can devastate your entire home. Be sure to wrap your exposed pipes. It may cost a bit to buy the materials up front but you will be paying more if you allow them to burst. Run your water tot keep pipes from freezing.

Lastly, if you have not saved up for that generator, there’s no time like now. Let not let life happen and lets make life happen!

Happy planning from Lisas Lane

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