Traveling With The Kids

If you’re a parent like me and you hate to leave your kids behind when vacationing, I’ve got the perfect solution for you….DON’T! I’ve traveled to the other side of the world with two toddlers and they did just fine, with proper planning of course. I brought snacks, toys and tablets for the 24 hour journey. Our final destination, Singapore. We stayed a month and had the time of our lives. This was not their first trip, when each of them were just three months old we found ourselves soaking up rays on Miami Beach. I decided to start them early with learning how to navigate the travel experience because I knew having kids was not going to stop us from having adventures around the globe.

I remember taking our son to Hawaii while I was 4 months pregnant with our daughter. We found ourselves chatting with a guy sitting on the beach. He was so sad and telling us about how the first two nights at the resort was fun but he missed his son. He said he regretted not bringing him and he still had five days to go without him. I simply told him, I’ve had 30+ years to travel and hang out alone and with my husband so now it’s my kids turn to explore the world.

One of the reasons I never leave my kids behind is because I don’t like getting on an airplane without them. I am terrified of the flight, and having them close calms me down but above that I love to see them when they see new things and are fascinated with a new experience.

From zip lining high above the jungle to scuba diving 20 meters below the surface our children have had the joy of learning and experience and we have had the pleasure of watching them grow with each new experience. I hope this will inspire travel for more little humans so they can see just how small the world is and how we as people are all connected.

Happy Travels from Lisa’s Lane!

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