The Lisa in Lisa’s Lane


The Lisa in Lisa’s Lane

Welcome to Lisa’s Lane a place to celebrate our potential self!

After high school I wanted to be all sorts of things.  While most kids at 17 had a clear take on who they were and who they wanted to be, I decided the world was my oyster and there’s no need to be just “one thing”.  That’s where my journey began….

I’ve been

  • A Soldier (HUAH Go Army)
  • A Veteran
  • A student (Goooo Coogs)
  • Married
  • Divorced (twice yikes)
  • Happily ever after married (fingers crossed lol)
  • A actress/model
  • A WAG…never had a reality show though lol
  • A small business owner (A Tail and 4 Legs woof woof)
  • Owner and operator of a Non- Profit (Yappy Tails woof woof again)
  • A waitress at too many restaurants to name
  • The general manager of a night club
  • I’ve gone through IVF
  • I’ve traveled the world
  • I’ve had bad credit
  • I have stellar credit (self fixed for free)
  • I’ve been a non believer as well as practiced several beliefs
  • I’m a believer
  • I’m a part time chef  (at home so that’s kind of full time)
  • I have a real estate license and my husband and I have 8 rental properties we own and manage and 3 for personal use ☺
  • I have 51% ownership in a construction company (pink hard hat and all)
  • I am a gardener, which is probably my favorite hobby! Creating life brings you closer to what’s important in life
  • I’m an after school homeschooler
  • I’m a volunteer
  • I’m a friend
  • I have a fitness trainer license  (thanks Myya)
  • Photography is a passion but not a profession!
  • I am in constant persuit of fashion forward ideas for self home and im not afraid to walk out of my house looking crazy
  • I’m creative
  • I’m a pet parent with 3 pups on earth (Raja, Paco & Calloway) and two Chyna and Cairo that had a great 13 years but moved on
  • Someday I will own 2 donkeys (waffle and pancake) and at least 4 chickens
  • I’m a music lover and playlist master
  • I’m a party planner extraordinaire’ (If I build it they will come LOL)
  • I am a travel agent (I can help you see the world on a budget!)
  • I’m a country girl that can slop the hogs and prep a salt lick for cattle!  I love nature and the earth which is where my athletic abilities shine

But most of all I am a MOM to the two most amazing human beings I have ever met.  They have taught me so much!  They are the reason I realized all the things I am, have been and can be!  They are my daily inspiration!

So my challenge to you as you take your journey down Lisa’s Lane is to take some time to place a piece of paper somewhere and begin writing all of the things you are, have been and can be.  Find your inspiration and begin focusing on all the amazing things and qualities about YOU.  Keep that list near because three months later I am still adding and remembering things that I am or have been.  Life is an amazing journey and I am excited to invite you to walk with me down Lisa’s Lane!