On To The Holidays….Planning Phase! How to October

The holiday season begins for me as soon as school starts!  I get these babes fed, dressed, packed and out the door!  Then mommy comes home, grabs her binder and starts with holiday plans!

Its Fall Y’all
Kingston’s first day of school
How to Holiday
Mila’s first day of school








The first plan of action….Make a list!  My list goes a little something like this!

First things first I start back filling up dates on my calendar for all of the kids “school year” activities. right now we have :


Tuesday- Ballet
Saturday- Baseball

Monday- free day

Tuesday- Ballet

Wednesday- Swim

Thursday- French Tutoring

Friday- Golf

Saturday- Baseball





So now that, thats out of the way lets get to the fun stuff starting with fall and Halloween celebrations.



Like I said before I love a list so I am going to share mine with you and it just may put you in the spirit for a little more treats this holiday season!


  1. Sign up to volunteer at the kids school for parties and activities (theres no better place to find holiday spirit than a school)
  2. Decorate your home inside and out!  Im talking rats, bats and withes!!
  3. Buy lots of candy and put it in a candy bowl
  4. Make a dessert menu for one dessert a week
  5. Plan a few halloween outings… ours are a haunted house, a monster mash party, a Rockets game,my nieces birthday party, have some family time with your siblings, a luncheon with the ladies, shopping for costumes, college homecoming and if were lucky we will make it to the Kemah boardwalk.
  6. Be sure to know where you will spend halloween night trick or treating in advance and if its not your neighborhood, get there early with friends and make a whole afternoon out of it!  Don’t worry your kids will probably still be in their costumes from the school party!
  7. Last but not least the most important thing you can do to get into the spirit is to burn fall candles and watch all of the halloween classics like my faves A Nightmare before Christmas and Hocus Pocus!!!
A halloween scare for our husbands, cocktails and retail!!!!
My brother and sister-in-law down for a visit to celebrate his birthday and kick off the holiday season!

Our first big celebration, my niece Skylar.  Looking forward to this party.  My sister always makes this a fun time, plus its one day before Halloween so we get to play dress up too!

How to Holidays
My family, my sisters family and our mom

No halloween experience is complete without a haunted house!  Im typically running to fast to get in on the pictures so sorry I can’t show you any but no worries, the images will always be in my nightmares.

Hanging with my bestie having margaritas
This is what we looked like after running through the haunted house
The kids of halloween

Halloween has change quite a bit since we were kids.  Going for house to house haunts has become less of the norm and attending parties at a common area to trick or treat and meet with friends is becoming the thing to do.  Plus its a party for the whole family and we tend to see more dads getting in on the action lol.

Mommy tired but not gonna stop! Off to November!!



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