Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food

Living in one of these great master planned communities can make it a bit difficult to own one dog but somehow Ive managed to collect three.  Although some of the challenges we face (like dog and garden space overlapping) have no easy fixes the issue of dog poo overload is easier to tackle.  The main thing I do is to put more good things in their belly so fewer bad things come out of their…..well you get my point!

I do this by making homemade dog food & buying a kibble with limited ingredients in case I forget to defrost the good stuff (after all I haven’t completely recovered from pregnancy brain 5 years later lol).

If you want to try this out heres what you’ll need to do (kids and dogs not included lol)

How to Dog Food
First thing to do is gather your goods
  • Boil your chicken(with no seasoning) until its done then debone it and set the stock aside
  • Brown your ground beef then drain the fat

Be sure to have a good set of stainless or glass bowls to separate each item which will make mixing, measuring and clean up easier

White Dog Food
Mila adds the rice to the chicken potato stock
White Dog food
Kingston just realized chicken is actually from a chicken lol


  • Drain the potatoes and save the water from the boil
  • Mix the chicken stock and potato water
  • Cook the rice in the leftover potato and chicken stock
  • In a food processer combine the cooked rice, potatoes,                                                                      and thawed frozen vegetables and blend (it helps with                                                                nutrient absorption)
  • Mix one cup of the veggie mix per two cups of meat
  • Voilà its time to package and freeze.




I enjoy using the mason jars but they’re difficult to store after use whereas the plastic containers can be stacked and don’t take up much room when storing. The down side to plastic is that they hold grease and smells which makes them difficult to clean and they break easily.

White Dog Food
We make food into family fun

After its all done, scoop it into their bowls and let your fur babies enjoy!

White Dog Food


White Dog Food




White Dog Food

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