Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving!

Although it’s a bit too soon to be decking the halls its never to soon to feel the holiday spirit! I look at the holiday season like a three, two, one countdown to the magical moment of the New Year.

Lisa's Lane
Until next year my dear!

Now that Halloween has come and gone its time to gear up for Thanksgiving. So first things first get your Halloween décor into the storage bins. If you don’t have your holiday decorations organized this is the season to do so. I typically go to the big box stores and they have color-coordinated bins for each season. I have orange for Halloween, dark green for Thanksgiving and fall and of course red for Christmas. Trust me this will go far as you begin collecting mountains of décor!

Lisa's Lane
Holiday decor from the dollar store works just as well as the high dollar items
Lisa's Lane
Good bye Halloween









Next, I like to break the month down into weeks and activities. Lastly, I will fine tune everything then get the party started!


Week 1

Thanksgiving and fall decorations

Girls luncheon

Christmas layaway

Astros Parade

Start planning Thanksgiving menu and guest list

Pull out Christmas decorationsLisa's Lane

Lisa's Lane
Get your best meats from the butcher









Week 2

Fine tune Thanksgiving menu and head count

Start Thanksgiving dinner shopping

Renaissance festival in Texas


Week 3

Kids get out of school

Pack for vacation to our beach house

Decorate beach for Christmas

RELAX and map out your Black Friday plan

Lisa's Lane
The butcher can cut your selections to your desired size for your crowd


Week 4

Monday- take your turkey out to thaw, review all ingredients needed and shop for things missing

Tuesday- Start putting up your Christmas décor

Wednesday- start brining your turkey, prepare all of your desserts and any main meal prep

Thursday- TURKEY TIME!!!!!



By week 5 you’re already ready to indulge in the Christmas season! Everyone loves to walk in and see Christmas on Thanksgiving Day, plus you will not have to worry about having a full tummy of food and drinks and worrying about decorating.

Lisa's Lane
Moody Gardens Festival of Lights


If you let Thanksgiving get here before your tree does, you will rush through the decorating process and that is one of the best parts of the season. We put up a full size kids tree and a show tree. The kids can turn their tree into their own masterpiece and I can indulge myself in one of my favorite things…decorating!


Ok were already two days into the first week so lets get this Holiday off to a great start!


See you in Lisa’s Lane!

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