One suit will never do!

I remember a time when summer would hit and I would gather my annual swim suit.  I soon realized I was WRONG!  Swimsuits are like any other part of fashion and no fashionista should own only one!  Ive gone from one swimsuit for the season to shopping for them year round looking for the best deal on the designers during off season.

If you’re like me you have things happening in your life that require different styles for different events.  For example the mom swimsuit

how to fashion
Mommy suit

This is your suit that you can be with the kids and not have to worry about the wardrobe malfunction

Then you have the suit that you strike a pose in

how to fashion
Strike a pose


Next you have the suit you wear for your man, shows a little and gets you ready for the afterparty

how to fashion
The Thong!

You have to have your fashion suit that really isn’t functional but looks great on and is perfect for those grown up pool parties

how to fashion
Strapless tops are only for show when you have kids

how to fashion











Lastly, you have to have the ole faithful.  This is the suit that is comfy yet still looks good.  Its inexpensive and you wear it in your back yard or whenever you need something thats functional for fun!

how to fashion
Kids just wanna have fun


Although kids grow out of things with the speed of light, you cannot be the only fashion forward family member.  Teach them early to make a statement with their wardrobe.  When the summer season is coming to a close, you can find kids swim suits for pennies.  Stock up on as many as your budget will allow for the future season, you’ll be happy you did!

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