Cue the Christmas music….While eating dinner!

We are well into week two of November and before you know it bells will be ringing.  If you don’t want Thanksgiving to get gobbled up by all of the Christmas cheer you’ve gotta enjoy it day by day.

how to plan & party


This week, I’ve completed round one of my Thanksgiving day plan… planning, guest list and shopping part one.  I say part one because I need to collect about two 16 pound turkeys and all of the goodies to make my tamales.


I love Thanksgiving because its the one time of year anyone can pull off an extravagant dinner party. Growing up in a military family we were never near family during the season so when I joined the military and saw how difficult it was to make it home to my family, I decided to make a new tradition.   Our home is the place to go if you don’t have a big family tradition, or if you just want to finish the night off with a lot of fun.


Our home is a place where tummy are full, laughs are had, friends are made, kids run wild through the house and adults toast the night away.  Did mention we do all of this in Pajamas!!!  Its the best way to have an awesome day and not worry about the kids falling asleep!

Lisa's Lane
Happy Thanksgiving!


Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!


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