My Thanksgiving menu


how to plan
My Abby and I know how to do holidays! After all we’re both December babes


  1. Abbys famous filipino eggrolls
  2. Her amazing rice noodles and veggies
  3. This year she will wow us with prosecco grapes YUM!
how to holidays
okra and tomatoes always goes over well

Main course

  1. Shannons yummy apple and basil brined Rotisserie Fried Turkey
  2. My dads famous dressing
  3. Collard & turnip greens with pork hammocks
  4. Macaroni and cheese
  5. Okra and tomatoes
  6. Homemade Pork, chicken and cheese tamales
  7. Wine and champagne (because we’re class acts lol)


  1. Mixology drinks we make (everyone invited has to come with a signature drink they’ve discovered)
  2. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
  3. Carrot cake with creme cheese frosting
  4. Yellow cupcakes with wacky frosting
  5. Undecided on a pie….
  6. Sugar cookies

One set of supplies per week!  It’ll give you that little burst of excitement you need to enjoy the season!

Happy Holidays from Lisa’s Lane!

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