Sunday makes Monday

Sunday makes Monday

Here we are the Sunday before Thanksgiving break.  If you’re anything like me this seems like it will be one of the longest weeks of life waiting for vacation.  We literally just drove in from our beach house and got a taste of relaxation only for it to be ripped away from us with real world woes!  To combat this week I got my pen and paper out and made a quick to-do list which has quickly turned into a “this weeks” to-do list and I am super excited about the week ahead!!

How to home
A moment of rest before the evening begins

Sunday night

  1. Bath for kids with lots of bubbles and hair washing (if you know our hair you know this is a task!)
  2. Cook dinner (grilled chicken tenderloins, asparagus and fully loaded baked potatoes)
  3. Kingston needs to do his homework and pack his bag
  4. Unload all of the junk out of my car
  5. Order lunch for Kingston for school tomorrow and plan Mila’s lunch
  6. Feed Dogs
  7. Wash uniforms for Kingston & prepare Mila’s clothes
  8. Pack my car for this weeks activities i.e… ballet, yoga, french tutoring and golf
  9. Check my emails and appointments for the week
  10. Take a nice hot bath with 2 cups of lavender epsom salt, a jelly bath bomb from Lush and a bubble bar from Lush!  Sweeeeeet!

After thinking about all of this I’m re-energized and ready to go into the week!

How to Home
Sleep calls

An overview of this week goes like this

  • carwash
  • grocery for beach house vacay
  • make dog food
  • get a massage
  • get two of three dogs a bath
  • start christmas tree and home decor
  • grocery and meal plan for lunch and dinner
  • order christmas cards
  • inventory of christmas supplies and order whats necessary
How to Home
Bedtime for all!

Happy Holidaying from Lisa’s Lane

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