Cocktails on Deck!!

Theres nothing better than the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you have a group of friends and a tasty cocktail in hand!  The only thing better than a cocktail is a fancy cocktail lol!  Below are some of my favorites!

How to Holiday
Thanks to the good drinks the photo is blurry!


I love wines, sparkling wines and of course Champagne so thats what tops my entertaining list!  They are fun and quick ways to get the party started.  When you’re hosting an event with a large headcount having a great tasting option on hand can get a bit pricey so I like to go taste testing to find a good bottle of bubbly under $10 and this year I succeeded with Vallformosa Classic Brut from Spain.  It’s a lovely sparkling wine with apple undertones.  I like a dry sparkling wine with a natural sweetness that is not as powerful as a Moscato or Resiling.

how to holidays
Shots shots shots

The next drink to top my list is the classic Jalapeño Margarita.  It’s a blend of the sweet and spicy which is the perfect fit for my tastebuds when downing the Thanksgiving tamales!!

How to Holiday
Oh how I love thee

Lisa’s Lane Jalapeño Margarita

  • your favorite tequila
  • jalapeños
  • raw honey
  • fresh limes
  • margarita mix
  • salt

Muddle jalapeñ0, lime juice and honey in a shaker.  Add tequila, ice and shake.  Pour into pitcher add margarita mix to taste.  Using pour honey on one small plate and salt on the other.  rub a little lime around the rim of each glass, dip the glass rim in honey and finally into the salt.  Add ice cubes to the glass, two jalapeño slices and margaritahow to holiday

Although I love almost any drink thats good, my favorite is a good whiskey drank!  I like to add honey to my cocktails because if you remember, our grandparents said hot toddies are better than any cough syrup.  Which brings me to my two favorite holiday cocktails!

Grandma Clara’s Hot Toddy (in honor of my grandma)

  • whiskey (I prefer Crown Royal my mom loves her Chivas a scotch whiskey blend)
  • peppermint candy cane
  • water
  • raw honey
  • lemon
how to holidays
If you don’t have candy canes any peppermint will do!

In a saucepan on low heat, warm your water, honey and lemon.  Pour your whiskey over a candy cane then add your warmed honey and lemon mixture.  Violà you have your “healthy” cocktail!


Lastly, my newest holiday favorite!  It has no name just ingredients.

  • whiskey
  • water
  • raw honey
  • fresh rosemary sprigs
  • lemon
  • raw sugar
  • cinnamon

In a saucepan on low heat warm your water, honey, lemon and rosemary.

how to holidays


Happy Cocktailing in Lisa’s Lane!


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