Sundays in Lisa’s Lane


This has been an amazing week. We followed Thanksgiving up with our annual birthday bash and boy was it fun!!  It’s always a task to get going after a fun night of friends and fun but I push through the prep and my week is always blessed because of it.  With a plan any dream or goal can be attained.    Let’s be sure to make the most of the beginning of the week!

How to home

Todays Lane

  • Start the day with a grateful heart.
  • Revive your spiritual self whether it be meditation, church, or whatever fuels you to be able to see the glass half full through out the week
  • Spend quality time with your spouse, kids and pets


The Passing Lane–  I call this these tasks the passing lane because if you master doing this on Sundays you will always feel like you’re in the fast lane!!

  • Meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner (check my how to eats for my menu)
  • Wash clothes for the upcoming week before you focus on any other loads (check how to kids and fashion for this weeks ideas)
  • Clean your car out
  • Pack your car with all of the weeks needs i.e.. Sports equipment, returns you need to make etc.
  • Make a calendar for the week with goals and appointments so you will know what to expect for the week
  • Plan time to spend with each part of your family.
  • Clean your desk and email of last weeks junk you no longer need and prioritize things you need in a folder marked attention needed

How to home


how to home








Cruise Control

  • Set an alarm in your home to start dinner, this will set the tone for the evening I start around 3pm on Sunday because I like a big hearty Sunday meal and we do dinner and a family movie on Sundays
  • Set an alarm for bath time about 30 minutes after dinner.  This keeps everyone from looking at dinner like the dreaded start of the week.
  • Make bath time exciting, with lots of bubbles, story and play time (for adults too, although toys may differ lol)
  • Bless your bodies with moisturizing, nail clipping and painting hair maintenance, shaving etc.… your body is the key to everything so care for it! Remember, water is the essence of life so fuel your life with water water water!
  • Get in the bed at a reasonable hour.  This will set the tone for the week and never cap off a Sunday with a nightcap.  I love a good drink as much as the next person but I’ve come to find it makes me start my Monday sluggish which makes me less likely to accomplish my Monday goals which in turn throws the whole week off.
  • Read something that makes you smile or watch a comedy to relax your heart mind and energize your spirit for the week

how to home


Above all other things try to get a few deep belly laughs in, hug and kiss your family (including your fur family) through out the day.  Talk to them and enjoy this beautiful creation you’ve made.  Family is the thing we miss the most when its gone so be sure to show how much you appreciate it while you have it!

Happy Trails From Lisa’s Lane!

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