Let the Week Begin Maintenance Mondays

Being a grown up is particularly difficult for me as the holidays approach.  I like to rise no later than 6am but theres a great feeling when the only thing you are required to do is nothing!  I decided this year to do a countdown to the holidays schedule. How to home










Maintenance Moday’s

  • Get an energizing workout in at least 45 minutes
  • Shower and put on something that makes you feel good about yourself (don’t forget your lipstick and perfume!
  • Paint your nails or get them done
  • Schedule a massage before the Christmas chaos ensues
  • Get those eyebrows cleaned up
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water and add the two to one ration to your coffee and alcoholic beverages two glasses of water per one cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage
  • Get on YouTube and do a quick session of Yoga, my fave is yoga with Adriene she has some awesome quick workouts like 7 minutes
  • Listen to your favorite music all day and night and sing along
  • Practice prevention…. if you feel or hear negativity no matter what it is about put a positive spin on it, you’ll be surprised how a week of no gossip or negativity will help you feel your best!!!  Positive words go quite far!!
  • Start thinking about the theme you want for this new year!  Debt pay off, new job, better parent, more travel, better friend, better husband or wife, learn a new language, buy a new house, start a business, expand your business whatever it is start the plan!  No better energy than during the holidays!!!!
  • Get rest, plenty of rest!

how to home


So as far as meal planning…

I have a new Le Creuset cookbook that I am dyeing to try!

Breakfast will be an assortment of  fruits, cereals, breads, sausages and smoothies

Lunches this week will be sandwiches

M-Chicken deli slices

T-Ham and cheddar cheese

W-Nut butter sandwich

Th-Turkey and swiss

F-Pizza or Roast beef sandwich


Dinner of Champions

M-Chicken Cesar Salad

T-Taco Tuesday!!! We’re eating out!

W-Braised beef short ribs and baked potato

Th-BBQ chicken rice pilaf and corn

F- Crab, shrimp, sausage and corn boil -YUM!

how to holidays

Holiday Mission!

  • Inventory holiday decorations throw out old and bring in new so you won’t end up with a build up of unused supplies
  • Christmas tree gets decorated no later than Friday
  • Shop this week for friends gifts, wrap them and put them in the mail or the car
  • Address and mail Christmas cards (don’t forget to use those address labels that have been coming to your home throughout the year)
  • Plan activities for the two weeks of Christmas break while the kids are home
  • Start thinking about  your New Years Eve celebration
  • Don’t forget to plan breakfast for Christmas so crankiness doesn’t take over
  • If possible, get all school work turned in and start your brain shut down for the holiday

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