The Holiday Closet Roundup & Purge

When people think of cleaning they typically think of Spring cleaning, but there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s called the Holiday Roundup aka the Holiday Purge!

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Every year around this time the sales are ridiculously good!  This is how I stay in designer gear from my athletic attire to my night on the town gown.  Twice a year the stores get ready for the new season and thats when I clear my closets and make room for new!

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First things first…..

  1. Open your closet door and look really well at what it is and what you want it to be.  A cluttered closet may be the reason you cannot feel great in the morning when getting dressed.
  2. Make a list (you know I love a list) of which area you’re going to tackle first, socks, undies, accessories, shoes, bras, pants, jackets, athletic gear, (don’t forget your towels, bed sheets  and kids toys too) etc and purge one thing at a time.  This way if you get interrupted you will at least have a part of your goal completed and can pick up where you left off with the next area.
  3. Grab a box or a trash bag and mark one donate to people, donate to animal shelter and trash (undies)
  4. Purge and Pack!  After filling a marked bag put it in your car so it is out of your house!
  5. Deliver
  6. GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!

I can wait to show you my new finds!

Happy Shopping from Lisa’s Lane

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