Let the Countdown begin!

I’ve been posting the countdown on social media as my computer has been getting a fancy new overhaul. Now that were back together via Lisa’s Lane I wanted to be sure to put this countdown on the site.  This is what I like to do at the end of each quarter and the big one at the end of the year.  Remember, doing things on a schedule keeps life from getting overwhelming.

Lisa's lane

Day 5 The Office Clean up

Your workspace is your hub.  My desk is what I consider the brain of my home.  My computer is the epicenter.  I took one whole day to clean out 2,000 emails and about 100lbs of paper that seems to always find its way into file folders and on my desk.  I also updated my kiddos memory books, dogs vet records and business and personal documents.  Lastly, I took about two days to clear my photos.  You would be surprised how many screenshots and random pictures are clogging up your inbox.  I have a few external hard drives I store photos on to keep my computer and life running smoothly.

I also cleared my vision board.  I like to make my schedule, hopes, dreams and goals visible so at the end of the year I can see how well I’ve done at keeping myself on track.  Plus we all get sidetracked so its good to have these things visible so when you fall off of the wagon, you can hop back on where you left off.  Nobody’s perfect just do your best.

Lastly, I plan a schedule for the whole year for things I know will always need to be done.  This year I’ve decided groceries will be on Monday and Thursday, I will also do my yoga class, massages and nails (bi-weekly) on Thursdays.  This is something that will keep me from guessing “when’s the last time I…”.  Just to give you an idea of what a calendar looks like I added one below.

how to plan
The closet of champions chaios


Day 4 The “Behind Closed Doors” Purge

Go through all of those wonderful closets and cabinets and get rid of old medicines, Tupperware, clothes, toys, linens etc…  If you do this annually your home will be ready for spring cleaning so you can focus on your home and refreshing it versus cleaning it.  Also, clutter can contribute to depression and anxiety so alleviating the clutter can ultimately enhance your well being.  Any area in your home that has a door should be the focus.

how to plan
Kingston just realized chicken is actually from a chicken lol

Day 3 The Kitchen Purge

Most people go into the new year with health and fitness goals.  The best way to meet those goals is to get rid of the foods that encourage poor habits.  Fill your home with fresh and natural.  You will be surprised how easy it is to live a healthier life when you only have fruits, veggies, nuts and grains to reach for vs chips, chocolates candies and sodas.  When I  am in the mood for chips I grab a bag of sunflower seeds.  When I want something sweet I grab some strawberries and whipped cream or homemade ice cream.  Portion control and food quality will make all of the difference in the world and will teach your young children to make good choices early!

how to plan
Budgeting and Spreadsheets oh my!

Day 2 The Financial Fix

We all have to think about finances!  Whether you’re budgeting $1,000,000,000,000 or $100 its all the same just different demands.  Get a notebook that you write out what your income looks like and what your outgo is.  Figure out how to make your income higher than whats going out.  It is not always about earning more its about management.  Remember deprivation is the best way to fail at your goals!  Instead of saying “no more eating out” maybe give yourself a monthly budget for dining out and when thats gone you have to stay home.  Also, remember your working savings.  This is the account you set aside money for those trips or new couch or special something you want to buy.  The key is that you are on a payment plan like with a credit card BUT you are earning interest vs. paying interest and you can go make your purchase when your goal is reached!  We should all be able to account for every penny that goes in and out.  In our family, my husband and I sort our finances every quarter so we can see how responsible or reckless we are being.  Notebooks make our home go round!

how to home
Remember why!

Day 1 The Final Cleanse

Clean your home from top to bottom.  Take a long bath and let everyone in your home do the same.  make a nice healthy meal to start the new year with.  Nothing to heavy just wonderfully light and healthy but filling.  I like to sage my home and say a blessing over my home, children, pets, marriage and anything or one that is important to me.  We typically like to light a fire and write the things that we want to overcome on a piece of paper then throw it in and that issue becomes no more!  I like to start the new year calm and happy (and we try not to over indulge in the champagne).  You start how you finish!  Set the tone of your new year!  For my family, I like everyone to be well rested and full.  My husband and I are peaceful and full of hope.  A hangover is the worse way to go into the new year (no matter how fun it is the night before).  Just remember, you will be in the state you’re in at midnight for the rest of the year. Finish strong!

how to plan


The New Year!

Live, Laugh and Love!


Happy New year From Lisa’s Lane!



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