Difficult takes a day Impossible takes a week….Here’s mine

The last part of my plan included putting together travel goals (which I will post soon) for the year, financial goals for all of our business endeavors each quarter,  volunteering calendar and home updates I would like to make.  With so many things on my plate I really have to work at scheduling time for myself, my kids, my hubby and my dogs.  It may seem like it leaves not room for spontaneity but if I don’t schedule things then no one will get my time and everything will be in disarray!

how to plan

Below I have an example of how I planned my weeks and you too can use it as a format for your schedule.


  • Maintenance Monday blog post
  • Drop kids at school
  • Grocery store for fruits, veggies and household supplies
  • Return home, meditate and yoga 45 minutes- 1 hr max
  • have lunch prep dinner
  • Desk work with a focus on emails
  • Pick kids up head to French tutoring
  • Return home to dinner and bedtime routine*


  • Drop kids at school
  • Cardio and upper body workout
  • Cleaning crew comes and I take the dogs to the park while they clean
  • Review business activities
  • Clean kids aquariums (they both have a beta Kingston’s is Bait and Mila’s is Princess)
  • Get showered and dressed, this is my day to get jazzy because we have dinner out.  One day a week I commit to a full face of make up and something really cute to wear and maybe even heels!
  • Pick Mila up for ballet as Kingston does his homework while Mila dances
  • Dinner on the town
  • Return home for bedtime routine


  • Drop kids at school
  • Go to the grocery store for meats and ingredients for dinner
  • Workout lower body and cardio
  • Prep dinner
  • Desk work
  • Pick kiddos up
  • Walk one of the pups with us to the park
  • Bedtime routine


  • Drop kids at school
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Go to the nail shop (every other week)
  • Grab lunch with a friend or errands
  • Massage
  • Pick up fresh fish for dinner


  • Free day to catch up on things

how to plan



  • Girls night out- a lot of you are able to do this one more often but I’m typically toooooo exhausted to go out but I try to get it in at least 4-5 times a year.


  • Luncheon with friends
  • Play dates for kids
  • Date night with hubby
  • Take a trip even if its just to the beach house


  • Take a nice bath
  • Church

As I’ve said before, its just a peek at my calendar and how I like to organize my life.

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