How will you get fit Mind, Body and Spirit

Over the past 2 months I did like I do every year and I let all of my food inhibitions go!  I ate the cake and pies, I added salt, I went for full fat, I ordered a third and a fourth drink and I had at least a few drinks more than usual lol.  This has left me with 13lbs that have to go!  how to plan

First thing first, my hubby and I will spend the month of January in rehab lol no more alcohol for us for the whole month.  This is sure to help that first 5 pounds melt away.  Next, I will start back making fresh greens and vegetables my main course vs cookies and chips.  No more hamhocks with a side of greens but back to a few pieces of  fatty meat for flavor purposes only.

How to home
A moment of rest before the evening begins

Soooo here we go!

M- Yoga and Meditation, starting the week with a really good stretch and some quiet time will really set the tone of peace and balance for the week.  In my perfect world I would wake and meditate then head to yoga in the morning then repeat before bed, every day….BUT I am a mother and a wife therefore I put it on my schedule twice a week because what good is a body that looks good on the outside but has a broken heart and spirit.

T-Cardio and upper body weights

W-Cardio and lower body weights

Th- Yoga or Pilates, and I have a standing 60 minute massage scheduled.  It sounds really fancy but if you subscribe to one of those massage memberships and find a great masseuse it is really more affordable.  If you cannot do this then I would say take a nice epsom salt and lavender bath at the end of your day.  Once again whats a fit external body if your spirit is not settled.  Protect your joy and peace by giving yourself time to rest and reflect.

F- Cardio with kids and dogs aka playdate at the dog park or wherever I can get in on the action with the kids.


This is my schedule and what works for me.  I stay pretty active and I watch what I eat on a daily basis and I stay in good health and shape.  This is not a routine that is guarenteeing weight loss or perfect health but this is what has worked for me.  Before kids, I was able to stay in the gym 2 hours each day and I loved every minute of it but I was not balanced.  My nutrition was not nearly as controlled as it is now and although my body looked AMAZING my spirit was lacking.  Now as a mom and a wife I have learned the total body workout includes the mind therefore I like to work from the inside out.  If you eat real foods, lean meats, drink a ridiculous amount of water and take your vitamins you will lose weight.  If stretch your body, get your cardio and lift a little light weight you will have a toned body and the strength you need to keep your body looking and feeling good.  Lastly if you meditate and relax your mind this will keep you at peace and content with your life as well as help you truly gain focus for your life.


Think about what works for your day and your lifestyle.  If you need a little help use my simple example then modify it based on your goals.

how to plan
Time to reflect

Counting down in Lisa’s Lane!



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