The New Year is Near!

This morning I decided to wrap of my 5 day prep in a nice relaxing bath.  I added a little revitalizing epsom salt to my water and a French kiss bath bomb from Lush.  Along with all of that I grabbed my notebook and began writing out my 2018.  I have cleaned my home, and decluttered my life so I will be ready to spend tomorrow gathering my goodies for the Sunday night celebration.

If you need a little help getting your list together my example looks like this….

What you put in your body determines what you will get out of your body!

My Menu


M- a meat, a carb and a fruit

T- Bread and cheese (croissant, bagel, toast or muffin)

W-Fruit tray

Th- A bread and a fruit (my kids love their breads)

F- Their choice


Lunch is typically based on what the kiddos request when we go to the grocery store.  We have an outing periodically to choose things they may want to try and their staples.



M- Meatless recipe

T- Takeout Tuesdays Our Tuesdays are pretty hectic with after school activities.  We had been going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for “taco Tuesdays” but we’ve decided to switch it up and make it takeout Tuesdays and try a new place every week.

W- Staple Day, This is the day we go to our old faithful recipes that we love.

Th- Fish dish

F- Fun Fridays, We like to eat out some Fridays after Kingys golf lessons but if we head home we like to do something like hamburger and fries, veggie dogs or a quick dish

S- Soup, salad and a sandwich Saturdays I like to put all of the fixings out and let everyone make their own sandwich.  This is a great day to fire up the crockpot and make a yummy soup and throw some greens on the side.  Its a wonderful way to not make Saturdays a hassle while providing a nutritious meal.  Be sure to go to your deli and have them slice your meats from “whole meats” vs settling for the processed pre packaged variety.

S- Soul food Sundays, I grew up on soul food and I love the feeling of full it provides plus I think my husband falls a little deeper in love with me when he scoops a fork full of collard greens and finds a surprise piece of smoked hamhock in each bite.



Remember, although we are all amazing, it never hurts to get a little help from a cook book.  If I see one that catches my eye I buy!  You will be surprised how enjoyable cooking with become.  I love the art of taking a bunch of individual things and making them into something amazing!


Happy Eating from Lisa’s Lane


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