How to January, The New Year

Welcome to the New Year!  This is the month of resolutions, where they typically begin and most often end.  This year lets try something new.  Sustainable change!


I’ve told you on past posts that my number one resource in life is a notebook and a list.  I like to use old fashioned pen and paper because its immediate and its always at your fingertips.  It tangible and it can never fall into the wrong hands due to a hack.  Your hopes, dreams, thoughts and plans are one of the most valuable things you have in todays world of no privacy so its important to protect them.


First things first, start with shopping for a notebook that makes you happy.  I know this sounds weird that a notebook can make you happy but you’d be surprised how much pleasure shopping for your newest tool can bring.  As you begin to use it you will be as excited to get a new notebook as you are to get the latest phone.


Now that we have our tools out of the way (don’t forget a pen!) we can begin on these sustainable change resolutions.


It is well known that weight loss is the the number one resolution next to travel more, start a business and so on and so forth so we will start there!


First, if you want to lose weight you need to understand that everything you have done in the past has not worked long term.  A healthy weight is more than a diet, it is a way of life. This means you will need to commit to changing your life forever not just until you reach a goal.

  1. Purge your kitchen of any packaged foods with ingredients you do not know.  I make homemade ice cream with milk, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla so when I read the back of the ice cream I had in my house I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS CRAP!  Along with so many other things.
  2. Get rid of sodas and juice drinks.  You can quit cold turkey which is best and detox with water.  It will only take about a good week to get the cravings down but it will require a lot of water and even more discipline.  You have to rid your home of these items because accessibility is the enemy.  it enables us to make the wrong choices.
  3. Now that our homes are chemical free and sugar reduced we can begin our meal planning.  Meal planning does not have to be some of these elaborate things you see on social media.  It is as simple as knowing what protein, carbohydrate, and rainbow you will eat.  Rainbows are our fruit and veggies.  It helps my kids make a variety of choices when I tell them whoever gets the most colors wins the rainbow prize.  Next time you make a plate, check out your rainbow you’ll be surprised how few colors you have.
  4. I grocery shop every three days, I know this is unrealistic for many people so a seven day plan is just as simple. Break out that notebook and write your week out including grocery list and recipes you want to try.
  5. The final and biggest challenge is to take a month of strictly water, no alcohol no soda no juice just water.  Fill a container and take it with you and keep it full.  This is my cure all.  I’ve come to find that water will relieve a sickness sooner, it will keep a hangover at bay, it practically cures acne I think the only thing it does not relieve is PMS!

Forget the gym and think about healthy movement.  You can only make one drastic life change at a time so if you are trying to change your diet AND start a gym regimen I can see failure with one to two weeks.  It is a lot of stress and very few people can live like that while still focusing on daily life.  Take these steps for one month and maybe include gym time if you already have membership but if not, just add a daily stroll.  We are focused on losing weight not strengthening yet.

My Sample Protein Menu

  1. Beef -stew
  2. Pork-ribs
  3. Chicken- whole baked
  4. Turkey-ground tacos (thigh meat)
  5. Lamb- chops
  6. Beef- ground (burgers)
  7. Beans- 3 bean chili

Typically we eat out at least two days a week to give me a break in the kitchen considering I typically make three meals a day.

For my Rainbow

  1. Asparagus and baked potato
  2. Plantains and rice and carrots
  3. Green beans and garlic mashed with gravy
  4. Baked beans and coleslaw
  5. Potato salad and corn on the cob
  6. Roasted sweet potatoes and grilled onions
  7. Zucchini squash, curried rice and a dinner salad

If you have a limited budget or small household remember One whole chicken and two pounds of ground meat can go far!

  1. 2 Chicken breast grilled
  2. 2 Chicken drumsticks bbq
  3. 2 Chicken thighs for chicken and dumplings
  4. Chicken back and necks for chicken noodle soup
  5. Tacos with ground meat
  6. Hamburgers
  7. Chili

I hope this helps you get started on your journey of weight loss!  Happy New Year from Lisa’s Lane

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