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lisa's lane

Who rescued Who is often a phrase used when referring to adopting a new pet but it took on a whole new meaning for me!  I was driving down the street when I saw this awesome van wrapped with images of German Shepherds.  Those that know me, know I am a crazy animal lover and my favorite breed of dog just happens to be the amazing German Shepherd.  I fell in love with this breed after raising a pup I named Chyna.  She was an amazing companion, but after 14 long years she went over the rainbow bridge.  She had a brother that named Cairo (he was a Labrador) that passed away two years later which left me with a empty heart.Chyna and Cairo were my first children.  God blessed me with 14 years with each of them.  I think about them everyday and feel so lucky to have raised two amazing pups!Lisa's Lane

Lisa's Lane


Before Chyna and Cairo left me I filled my need to be surrounded by furry animals by owning and operating a doggy daycare (A Tail and 4 Legs) and running my own rescue group by the name of Yappy Tails (I’m sure many of you remember Yappy Hour).  Well, by the time I was preparing to welcome my less furry babies (Kingston & Mila) I had to sell my business and reduce my rescue work to donating my time and resources to other rescue organizations. I am happy to report I am back in business thanks to the newest German Shepherd rescue group  that has welcomed me into their pack.

Lisa's Lane Lisa's Lane Lisa's lane


Lani’s Lucky Shepherds of Houston rescue was started about two months ago and that wrapped van gave me an opportunity to make their mission my mission!  lisa's lane


Dale Bible is the founder and he has the talent and compassion that makes me excited to follow his lead as we rescue one of the most magnificent and intelligent breeds ever introduced to the world.  As we grow as a group I hope each of you will take some time to donate a piece of yourself to this great cause.  German Shepherds are an amazing breed but because of their strength and intelligence they are often tossed aside as being difficult to deal with.

Lisa's Lane Lisa's Lane










Remember if you want one of these fur babies, we have them ready for adoption but a few key things to remember…

  • German Shepherds are a working breed so they will need exercise and structure, unless you are super active apartment living is probably not the best option
  • Not only do they require physical exercise they need plenty mental stimulation
  • They require a moderate amount of grooming
  • These dogs are as powerful as they are smart so if you are planning to add one to your family you need to be prepared to dedicate a good amount of time to training
  • German Shepherds are natural guard dogs and can be very protective
  • If not properly exercised boredom can will turn into destruction

A German Shepherd is an amazing breed to own if given the proper attention.  The reason most relationships with this breed fail is not because of a bad dog (no such thing) but its because of an owner that was not prepared to deal with such a strong and intelligent breed.

Lisa's Lane

German Shepherds are at the top of my list when it comes to pups and this is one dog that can be trained to do anything.  If you’re interested in being a parent to one of these amazing creatures rescue is the best way to go!  Check out www.luckyshepherds.com to see whats new in the world of rescue!

Lisa's Lane

See you on rescue road from Lisa’s Lane

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