No Better Time Than Now!

As I hopped up and had my espresso this morning thoughts began racing through my head.  We’re building our new home and there’s a ton of work ahead of us.  Everyone keeps warning us about how much work building is but were pretty well versed on that part of the project, what I find quite daunting is disassembling this house we have spent the last 12 years in.  We have things in every corner of this home and soooooooooo many unfinished projects that stare at me daily.




This morning I decided, were about 1 year away from the completion of our new home so there’s no better time than now to start getting things in order.  I’ve come to find that if I plan and break things down into small tasks, before you know it, those big tasks will be complete.  I like to spend money on pretty things and DIY necessary things so if I paint this house room by room week by week in a years time I will have painted my whole house instead of paying someone a couple thousand dollars (can you say new bag!).  My landscaping has systematically been destroyed by the freeze and bored dogs so instead of the $2000 I was quoted to get it up to par I went and spent $200 on a pallet of grass and flowers and my yard is looking awesome!



I say all of this to say that we all have projects that need to be completed.  Some are in home others are out.  We may need to clean a car, clean a closet, plan a trip, take the first step to owning our own business, buying a new house, hiring a housekeeper, hiring an assistant, making a budget, cleaning your desk, cleaning your closet, cooking that new dish, calling someone you have been meaning to,  learning something new ( I need to learn French so I can know when these kids are talking crazy to us), going to church, volunteering or what ever it is you want to do, there’s no time like the present.





I challenge you to go do something right now that you have been putting off!  You will be amazed at the momentum it creates, and remember start small to accomplish something big!


Get going in Lisa’s Lane!

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