Mommy Uniform….The basics

how to fashion
Nothings better than leggings and a sweatshirt when theres a chill in the air but never forget your statement bag and sunnies



There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning with a plan.  Today the fashion plan is to get a plan!  My bestie and I journied to the far reaches of the Galleria in search of the mommy uniform. This uniform is the outfit every mom reaches for in the morning to drop kids off at school while looking like you have it all figured out.  Check out these mommy uniforms and get the scoop on how to be the mom everyone thinks has it all figured out!


How to fashion
Velvet pencil skirt with wedges
how to fashion
The slip over dress makes any day look like a runway day

  1. The slip over dress –  This is the outfit with no effort.  Stock your closet with this look and you can hop out the shower (or not) throw this on with a pair of wedges and look ready for the office, the streets or the world!
  1. The cotton pencil skirt and tee-  This is my favorite complex look that’s super simple! A random tee you find in the back of your closet and a cotton pencil skirt and pair with tennis shoes!  Your ready to be the girl on the go that’s always got it together
  1. The black leggings and loose fitting shirt- This is the best and most basic look of all!  Just remember your leggings need to be great quality and your shirt needs to have a U shape bottom not square to enhance your Ass-ets (wink-wink).  If you’re a Texas gal like me, you know all of these outfits look great with your flip flops but this is one of the best to throw them on with!

There are also the items that are a must no matter what you are wearing that will keep the crowds wondering!

  1. Big sunnies- in case you don’t have time for makeup
  2. Wedges
  3. Stand out tennis shoes
  4. Designer flip flops
  5. Stand out hand bag- makes every outfit shine

So your uniform for the week!

M-pull over dress for the quickest fix

T-Legging look

W-Pencil Skirt

Th-Legging look

F-Dress or Skirt to get the weekend popping!

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