How to Travels-The Quarterly Calendar

Growing up in a military family travel in my life is almost as important as water. I remember the days when hopping a plane out of the country with a return date being optional was a way of life, now that I’ve added kids into the equation those days are long gone.

This is where the plan comes in, and with a plan all trips are possible!

how to travels
Our home away from home in Galveston

I call this the quarterly travel plan.

First you draft your quarters based on every three months and what breaks or special occasion you would like to travel to celebrate.

  • January-March trips
  • April-June trips
  • July-September trips
  • October-December Trips

Second you choose a list of destinations based on local or international, who or what you would like to see and what mode of transportation you want to use. These can be combined, for example take a cruise to a beach, take a train to a region with snow.How to Travels

how to plan & party

  • One snow
  • Three beach destinatis
  • Trip to see family
  • Two international 7hrs or more travel time
  • One train ride
  • One boat excursion
  • One road trip
Family time at Disneyworld



Third, arrange what trip fits what quarter and budget for that time of year after all you don’t want to take your most expensive vacation during a time taxes are due, kids are back to school or holiday season where spending is typically a little higher.  Living in Texas, Mexico is always an option for an all inclusive affordable fun trip.  Be sure to look at all of the travel websites and many of them have a payment plan option.  If you know what your plan is it is easy to make it happen versus waiting until the last minute trying to find something.

Swimming with the dolphins in Cabo
Fun with Friends in The Dominican!

Lastly, begin researching and planning your locations! We typically take about 2 international trips a year and explore the US on the weekends.



New years- Greatwolf Lodge Dallas

Valentines Day- New Orleans for our 9 year wedding anniversary

Spring Break-International (planning Paris)

Easter We usually enjoy church and activities around our wonderful city

Memorial Day- to our beach house we go!  This is a really expensive time of year to travel and it brings out a lot of behaviors in a lot of cities I don’t want my kids to see lol

Summer Begins-International The Canary Islands  This is also Kingston, Mila & Shannons birthday month so we will party like its 1999 June 23!!

Fourth of July- To our beach house we go again with lots of friends! This month is our Moms birthday so we will party and possibly take a train ride to Mississippi to see family

Back to School- last beach bash we typically go to Mexico hopefully Cabo again



Fall is beautiful in Henderson Nevada


Thanksgiving and Black Friday 🙂  The beach house has typically been lonely so we spend the week leading up to the big day here#lisaslane

Christmas  I always plan a beach or snow tip for my birthday.  This December we will go to my dream place the Nickelodeon Studios park in Punta Cana Dominican republic super excited and after Christmas a group  of friends and I will take our families to do our annual New Years Eve Party at Greatwolf Lodge.  After we check out of Greatwolf we will re-book for next year thats one plan out of the way.

All Aboard The New Jersey Transit
Oxford, Mississippi mayhem with my sister and I!





Happy Travels From Lisa’s Lane

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