Stay at Home Parents

Before becoming a mom, I remember wondering what all of those ladies did when they shipped their kids off to school.  I would imagine they would go home and kick their heels up and look at all of their successes as a parent and wife.  Boy oh boy the things I know now!!!!



I don’t think anything could have ever prepared me for what was coming next when I was pregnant.  I mean I was a soldier in the USArmy so I can handle being a mom.  I owned a 10,000 sqft facility that was home to my business and non profit so being a mom will be a cake walk.  I’ve renovated countless properties and had to deal with the emotions of the city permitting offices so a kid will be a breeze.  Well, I have since found out that I was wrong!  Being a mom and particularly a stay at home parent comes with a lot more emotional stress and ridicule because “all we do is ship our kids off to school then kick our heels up” so we have no reason to complain.  It took me a while to adjust to the worlds view of our kind but I’ve since found a way to make it amazing and fulfilling without feeling the need to explain!



The biggest thing I have learned is that I am the CEO of the White House.  Since I do not have a job outside of the home I treat nothing about my home casual.  I have a set time for cooking, cleaning and house work just like I would at a job.  I have a set hour for my blog, play time for the kiddos, walking time for the dogs, a set day to clean our Beta tanks, set workout time with a schedule attached.  Theres also the technical hours when I manage our real estate, our finances, the kiddos school and activities, etc…


All this being said, I now know the reason these hard working ladies looked as though they lived a life of leisure.  Its because they started every day, week, month and year with a plan and that is my main message in all of my blogs.  When you plan your life you will live more fulfilled.  You will always know whats coming and you will be prepared and able to appreciate the surprises in life.


Keep up the good work being the CEO of your home!!

See you in Lisa’s Lane

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