Millionaire Monday’s

Its 6pm Sunday evening what are you doing?  I can tell you what every successful person in the world is doing…


Preparation for the week!


It’s amazing how well the week goes when you have a plan in place.  I like to make sure I plan for ever aspect of my life.  My days don’t always go as planned but when I get off track I just pick up where I left off.



My Week Prep has a few components

  • Self Care
  • Marriage Care
  • Kid Care
  • Pet Care
  • Family Care
  • Business Matters
  • Financial Matters
  • Home Matters
  • Volunteer Matters
  • Fun

Each of these things are then subdivided

Self Care

  • Mind- I’m a planner and that is the first way I keep my mind clear.  When you write things down, thats less clutter in your mind you have to keep track of so I keep a note pad handy.  I also like to take some time to reflect on what my dreams were at various times of life and look at how many of those have come true.  This way of thought helps to keep me from being ungrateful for this blessed life I have even when things are tough.  Lastly, I love to learn and dream up new things.  I feel like keeping a child like outlook on life is what will keep us young.  Likewise, constantly absorbing information keeps that muscle of a brain strong!!
  • Body- I like to get some form of exercise everyday, even if its just a tickelfest with my husband and kids or running with my pups in the back yard or even walking up and down the stairs to put away laundry.  Getting your heart rate up and building muscle doesn’t have to be something hardcore in a gym. Another thing I am constantly teased about is my bedtime.  I try to be in bed, sleep by 9pm.  I am a early riser (5am) no matter what, so since I can’t seem to control my waking hour I decided to focus on bedtime.  It also gives me a few moments before the world gets going to enjoy some time alone with the one I love, ME.  I also plan for one relaxing bath a week.  I fill the tub with bubbles and all sorts of smell goods to take me away.  I also have a nightly face and body routine with creams (hubby loves that I always smell like flowers at bedtime) as well as a morning routine with creams and a SPF moisturizer. I’m a big fan of glamour so I keep my nail, lash, hair and massage appointments coming at least bi-weekly. If mommies not cared for then how will she care for the family.
  • Spirit- I start every morning with affirmations to myself about the kind of day it will be and how amazing I am.  The greatest compliment you can get is the one you give yourself and mean.  I attend church weekly or at least watch it online when I cannot make it and I work really hard to apply the principals I learn.  It also important to know your spirit can be disturbed by negative images so I have a very happy social media relationship.  I follow people that have great things to add to the world.  When I have downtime and I look to things like that I want my spirit to be happy not disturbed.  I protect my peace at all costs and that often means being very careful with my who’s, what’s and wheres.  Peace is the one thing that can make your life perfect.  Not money or anything else.  When you work on your peace you don’t have time to focus on negative things.  As soon as my peace is disturbed I remove myself or that thing (or person) from my life.  No one gets a pass, even my husband and kids get a strong reprogramming when they interfere with the peace of our home (I’ve been rebooted a time or two myself).  I will say, make a list of those closest to you and see if you have a peace stealer or two in your midst then get rid of them lol!!



Once my Self Care is covered, the rest is a matter of what the week holds.

  • Marriage Care- Hug and kiss daily, hold hands and share some alone time thats about nothing more than us
  • Kid Care- Meal plan for breakfast and lunch, homework, activities, alone time with each, playdates
  • Pet Care- Dog park, bath time, make dog food, heart guard , flea prevention, cuddles, snacks
  • Family Care- Appointments, family time together, family meetings to discuss dinner, whats new, concerns, wants
  • Business Matters- This is a list that won’t fit
  • Financial Matters-Ditto
  • Home Matters- Change filters, minor repairs, major repair list, cleaning, law care, pool care, I have a spring cleaning list I add to daily to keep our home from getting old.  Updates, scheduled maintenance, HOA meetings
  • Volunteer Matters- I am on a board or two and like to volunteer with kid and animal groups
  • Fun- I give myself one day a week off.  I drop my kids off, send my hubby to work and I lay on the couch until I feel like moving.  I go to a movie alone or have lunch alone or go to iFLy and have an adventure alone.  After giving so much to so many, I’ve found, its very important to have some alone time that you can just focus on YOUR wants and YOUR needs.  It’s not selfish, its refreshing.  No appointments, no friends, no family, no pets, no one to focus on but yourself.  Most of us could not say when the last time was that we just spent some time focusing on ourselves.  Its worth it and it gives your mind, body and spirit a break from being so extrinsically focused.


I hope this gets you to thinking about your Sundays as the day to put your plan together.


Happy Planning from Lisa’s Lane

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