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If you know me you know I have my own sense of fashion. I don’t usually go with trends but I can be trendy. Well, one day I’m dropping the kiddos off at school and my friend Kim tells me “Lisa you should really do a look book”. I had never really considered myself a fashion girl but I do love a good fashion moment, and apparently I’ve had a few per her lol (thanks Kim!!).

So one of my favorite times to get in the fashion state of mind is when Im traveling so this Fashion Friday Lookbook is dedicated to some of my fave fashions while seeing the world! Enjoy!

lisas lane
Our Paris style is my favorite. This Missoni top kept me cool during a hot July
lisas lane
Paris with a side of Fendi
lisas lane
Unlike in the US the outfit speaks volumes while the shoes say comfort and nothing is more comfy than Uggs
lisas lane
When visiting the Louvre your fashion should be a work of art. I saw Wendy Williams wear this one day and found the site to order it!
lisas lane
Comfort is key in Paris but it can still be cute in Chucks!
On to Singapore where the cool colors in the backdrop make my Fendi dress Pop
As we enjoyed the chili crab at Jumbo’s seafood in Singapore I prayed my Dolce Gabbana garbs didn’t get destroyed
San Antonio fun with my girls and some YSL and Swarovski earrings
When in Belize you rock the relaxed look from Zara and good ole fashioned Nike flip flops
A hot day in Hollywood calls for thin denim and Jimmy Choos to block the sun (with Mila in Melissa shoes)!
Aspen Fashion requires a fur head piece
Universal Orlando requires a universal outfit for walking and my Lulu’s never fail me nor do my Nikes
Comal County Farm fun with a durable Gucci bag no goat can get plus my favorite matte lipstick from Tom Ford (black dahlia and plum lush)!
For the finale Viva Las Vegas!

Fashion for me happens when one of these things happen. Either you have a piece of clothing that is absolutely a statement piece or you dress up a basic piece with your accessories and attitude. Less is more unless its not!

Fashion looks best when you feel good in it!

Happy New Year From Lisa’s Lane!

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  • Just what I’ve been waiting for, a piece of your wardrobe inspiration. Waking up to this blog put a smile on my face. You have a world of inspiration in your closet and these showcased looks express just that!!! As a mother, young professional, and wife, I find it hard to dress up and manage a comfortable feel. Either I get the comfortable feel and look like a kid or I dress up and sacrifice being comfortable. Thank you for sharing. As always, you wear ANYTHING and EVERYTHING SO WELL! I can’t wait for more!

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