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I’ve noticed how well my life seems to go if I know what my family will eat. Meal planning sounds like some OCD persons way to make us all feel inferior but it is actually the cornerstone of leading a stress free life when you’re a parent.

Eating happens daily, only second to sleep in the amount you need. Your nutrition will reflect in every aspect of your life from your mood to the way you look. My menu this month is here!

My before school menu is a basic outline to choose from. If you’re wondering what goes into a breakfast pizza its a simple piece of toast or flatbread, marinara, mozzarella, meat of choice (we typically do sausage for the breakfast pizzas). Eggs are a great addition to any breakfast but my kiddos don’t eat them so I didn’t include them since this is my actual plan.

Lisa's Lane
Breakfast can be what you make it! Pasta gives the little ones something to burn as they start an active day

Monday- Pasta

Tuesday- Croissants, French Bread, Granola & fruit, Nutella or peanut butter

Wednesday- Breakfast sandwich

Thursday- Breakfast pizza

Friday-Donuts or pastries (treat day)

Lunch is known to be a bit more difficult because you’re typically packing and sending, but with the right containers lunch can be gourmet! The stay warm containers work for more than just soup. The make up of lunch for my kids is the main course, something salty (chips or nuts), a fruit, a veggie (celery sticks, carrots, etc…) something sweet (usually homemade cookies) and a juice. Fridays are always pizza day for my kiddos. I order a large pizza from our favorite pizza restaurant and freeze it in a stay fresh container and violá pizza for lunch box on Friday!

lisas lane
Chop it up for the lunch box and add a dip

Main Courses for lunch

Week One- M-Ham (or meat of choice) and cheese sandwich, T- Spaghetti, W- Chicken and rice, Th-Veggie or Hotdogs, F- PIZZA 🙂

Week Two- M-Baked Potato, T- Chicken nuggets or strips, W- Macaroni and Cheese, Th- Ham(or Cheese)burger, F- Pizza

Week Three- M-Tacos, T- Chicken noodle soup, W- hot-wings, Th- sirloin tips and mashed potatoes, F- Pizza

Week Four- M-Hotdogs, T-Chicken Nuggets, W-Hot-wings, Th- Tacos, F-Pizza

Lastly, Dinner is where our creativity can flow! Throughout the rest of the Mondays I will include some of the fun recipes we use at our home to make mealtime fun and exciting. Lets start here with the outline of what a week in The White House looks like.

lisas lane
Baked potato and chives

Monday- Soup and Salad

Tuesday- Croc Pot meal prepped in the morning (Tuesdays are our long days)

Wednesday- Indian or Mediterranean inspired meal (break out your cookbook or google if you don’t have any)

Thursday- Spanish speaking country cuisine from Puerto Rico to Spain to Argentina!

Friday- Dinner out on the town!

Saturday- Soul Food

Sunday- Seafood

lisas lane
A little tea to help calm and digest before bed

I hope this simple outline can simplify your life!

Happy Eating in Lisa’s Lane!!

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