Spring Break New Take

So spring break is here and we were planning to take off to parts unknown for a week of fun but due to the recent state of things in the world we decided to postpone this trip and just enjoy our new home. As I began thinking of activities that are fun and will also keep us out of harms way I realized I am a genius! Ok so maybe I didn’t come up with this from sheer intuition but I did come up with a great plan. Spring break is the time for us to come out of hibernation and get a new pep in our step.

We usually spend five days somewhere on the planet for spring break and return to our home exhausted needing a break from our break. I begin planning a week or so before we leave by ironing uniforms for the kids, setting up boarding and grooming for the dogs, having the housekeepers scheduled to arrive as we are packing the car etc. This year there was none of that. I just strolled into spring break. I spent the Friday before having a lunch with a bunch of friends and then I picked my excited little ones up from school and swept them away to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We returned home at 10pm something we have never done. We loaded up on cotton candy, turkey legs, popcorn and funnel cakes with no regrets. We got in the house and crashed only to wake up to a lazy Saturday with no plans at all. We spent the whole day eating and napping. So far we are in the midst of the best spring break ever.

This day got me to thinking about what the plan for the next eight days should be. I looked around at the piles of laundry and clothes that need to be donated, the flowers that need to be repotted, the seeds that need to be started, the pantry that needs to be organized, the recipes I’ve been planning to try, the blogs I’ve been planning to write, they hot tub I want to sit in, the toys from Christmas the kids have yet to use outside due to the weather, the beach house in Galveston we have not been to since November, the friends we’ve been planning to hang out with, the cattle at my brothers ranch we’ve been planning to visit, my car that has at least a months worth of stuff piled in it, the shows I need to catch up on I mean shall I go on? That made me think. I have eight whole days to enjoy my space and possible enjoy the journey of getting ready for spring. Catching up with my life so I can finally do all of the things I have been putting off for when I have some real time to dedicate to them. My kids sewing room has not been touched in months I need to get them back sewing!

This new revelation has led me to believe I may no longer take the five plus day trips during spring break. We may take a quick trip for the first weekend of spring break if we have the travel bug but I think from now on I want to use this time as a moment to renew my home, my spirit and my bond with my family and friends.

Some of this weeks plans include

  • take dogs for walks at the local park
  • go for long bike rides around the lake
  • do some gardening
  • go rollerskating/blading
  • visit the beach in Galveston
  • visit my brothers ranch
  • go to the zoo
  • have a bakeoff in the house
  • go fishing
  • play family board games
  • family movie night at home
  • dance party at home
  • taco Tuesday
  • sewing projects
  • catch up on rest!!!!!

Happy Spring Break from Lisa’s Lane

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