A November in Lisa’s Lane

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to start breaking out the holiday decor. Although I am the person that typically has her Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving, this year it will be up by the first day in November just to extend the holiday cheer a little longer this year! Here’s a quick overview of what this month will look like, in Lisa’s Lane!!


1Yoga Put away Halloween decorations until next year2 Bike Ride Homeschool packets Calls with Staff  3 Yoga Order Thanksgiving Groceries4 Bike Ride Fertilize flower pots Fertilize grounds5 Make dog food6Write Blogs Emails and computer day7Self-Care Saturday Meal Plan
8Housekeeping day Unpack Christmas Décor Start decorating9 Bike Ride Homeschool packets Calls with Staff 10Yoga Harvest from greenhouse11 Bike Ride Fertilize flower pots Fertilize Greenhouse12 Transfer Chickens to greenhouse Coop13Write Blogs Emails and computer day14Self-Care Saturday Meal Plan
15 Housekeeping Heartworm treatment for dogs16 Bike Ride Homeschool packets Calls with Staff 17 Move bunnies indoors18 Bike Ride Fertilize flower pots Fertilize trees19 Dog Baths20Write Blogs Emails and computer day21Self-Care Saturday Meal Plan
22Final touches on Christmas Tree23 Bike Ride Homeschool packets Calls with Staff 24Flea and Tick treatment for pets25 Bike Ride Fertilize flower pots 26Thanksgiving27Black Friday Order Christmas Gifts 28Self-Care Saturday Meal Plan 
29Put up additional Christmas decor 30 Bike Ride Homeschool packets Calls with Staff      

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