Lets Get Planting!

(Photo)Fall planting goals

If you know anything about me you know I love the great outdoors and I love watching life in bloom. I love watching everything from flowers to fruits blossom. Im often asked how did i get started with gardening and the answer is pretty interesting. First things first, my great aunt has a massive farm in Mississippi that I grew up visiting. She had cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and of course all of the native creatures that chose to roam the area. She had corn fields and pastures full of watermelons and all sorts of other vining fruits, it was like being in a dream of unlimited sweetness and flavors. I watched uncles prepare the pigs for the freezer and chickens for the fryer. Life was lived in a cycle. My family of farmers took care of the earth and in turn the earth provided for us. It was a magnificent way to live and the flavors of freshness was something only mother earth could give, no pesticides not hormones and truly organic eating and living.

(Photo) My Mila and my niece Skylar playing with the cattle at my brothers ranch

Fast forward 20 years and I became a mom. My son was a good eater but would break out and throw up when he was eating anything from apples to eggs. Of course this would make any mother afraid. We went to many doctors and specialists to find out the cause of his inability to keep fruits and some meats down and we were eventually referred to an allergist. We found that his problem was most likely caused by a sensitivity to many of the pesticides and chemicals used in todays food. At that moment my first garden was born! I began growing as many veggies as I could and anything else I purchased from small farms and backyard gardeners at farmers markets. We finally made the investment in a home on acreage and now have our own chickens for fresh eggs and a greenhouse and garden build for a queen (of dirt that is). My brother is raising cattle and we are in search of a nice plot of land to put a few little piggies on. Life is coming full circle! We are getting back to the soil of simplicity. I’m so excited to see so many of you wanting to join the revolution and getting back to the basics of being self sufficient. A big part of humanity is caring. We need to start somewhere so I think our food source is the best place to begin.

(Photo)Gardening is not pretty and is a lot of work but I love it and it is so rewarding! Inside my greenhouse building a fence for my chickens.

Let’s Get Planting! Whether you live on 10 acres or a studio apartment you can have a garden. I always recommend new gardeners begin with the salad or salsa garden.

(Photo)Raised beds are easy to build or buy no matter, they make soil prep easy to get your garden started!

Whether you have access to a yard or a simple patio I always suggest starting with a raised bed. You can have one on the ground in your yard or one that is fully contained and has legs on a patio. A lot of people make the mistake of planting to many things in one area which can be a mess when plants reach their full potential so be mindful.

(Photo)Herb and Lettuce garden beds I’ve been making out of fence panels.

My Starter Garden Checklist

  • raised bed
  • garden soil
  • blood meal or bone meal to add to garden soil (use in moderation)
  • water
  • plants
  • digging tools
  • light source (natural or grow light)
(Photo)Everyone in my house loves fresh cucumbers so I always plant at least 6 vines. Even the wildlife likes to take a bite out of it.

Salad Garden can include:

Your choice of lettuce with two other options, to include but not limited to

  • tomatoes
  • onions/chives
  • cucumbers
  • bell peppers
  • carrots
  • cabbage

Salsa Gardens can include:

  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • jalapeños
  • cilantro
  • habeneros
  • tomatillos
(Photo)How I keep my purchased and collected seeds safe in a little wooden box.

Remember the key to gardening is being able to care for your crops. If you have too many crops and too little space or time you will get overwhelmed. Nothing is guaranteed and just remember to keep trying until you get the results you want! My first garden gave me jalapeños as all of my other plants grew with not one piece of produce. I was frustrated but I learned to love the process and it is still not perfect but I appreciate every single little piece of food that comes from my efforts. Don’t quit and keep trying until you have the garden of your dreams. Gardening should be fun and fulfilling so start small and you GROW girl (or guy :)!!! Happy Planting from Lisa’s Lane

Up next, Fall and Flowers!

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