Happy New Year!

We’re five years in and this year it’s time for a little revamp. In the past we planned with the season, to keep with the new trends of retail and the world we will start giving more of a “what’s to come” outlook.

After winter comes spring!

In our new format we will have a monthly gardening, pet, kids, fun and fashion calendar. We will also upload a menu of meals to help keep you organized and out of the brain fog of “what to cook”. This monthly outlook is how I have begun to organize my life and it keeps my busy schedule on track!

Every week we will feature a new recipe and the fun gardening that was done to provide a side dish, dessert, juice, cocktail or something fun that makes you want to get in the yard and get dirty.

Travel is another new addition that will be discussed on the blog. I spend a good portion of my year on the road and I take my children everywhere, even Vegas! The question I hear the most is, “what do you do with kids there?” Well now you will see and I hope it inspires more family time with everyone.

Fashion is Fun!

I think my favorite addition is fashion. I love fashion! I love to put looks together and I especially love a good coordinated family look. I will take anything and try to make something. This will give you a look into my life and how my business and fashion collide. From coordinating with cars to kids, this girl is gonna serve some looks!

Have a Happy New Year and Ill see you in 2023!!!!

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