The Week Ahead

I love three day weekends and I am especially happy that many weekends that were not previously acknowledged on a federal level are now being recognized like MLK Day. There is one downfall to a long weekend and that is it typically throws us off our normal schedule so we spend an entire week playing “what was i supposed to do”.

Lets get a jump on this and not fall behind. Heres how my Monday will look:

  • 5 am spend one hour with my coffee and any passion projects I have to start my day right
  • 6 am start breakfast and drinking water, I also keep a note pad near while cooking breakfast so I can jot down meals for the week and groceries needed (on a regular Monday this is when I wake kids up too
  • 7 am head out to school but since its a holiday I will start my morning chores with feeding dogs, cats and chickens
  • 8 am tidy the house before housekeepers arrive, I just put things away so the housekeepers can clean
  • 9 am house keepers arrive so I will be out in the greenhouse most of the day today

Whats happening in my meals this week, you ask? Well I only have to plan for breakfast, linner and dinner. My Kiddos are in a lot of extracurricular activities so linner is that after school meal between lunch and dinner. I figure if brunch is a “thing” then linner can be too!

This weeks meals:


  • Pancakes/Waffles
  • Sausage and Biscuits
  • Salmon for Kingy and Chicken breast for Mila with french bread
  • Pot stickers
  • Bacon and Eggs (fresh from my chickies)


  • Buttered noodles with bell peppers
  • Airfried drumsticks with apple slices
  • Steak tips
  • Leftover street tacos (from Taco Tuesday)
  • Fast food Friday I know everyone doesn’t agree with fast food but this is a treat for the kids every week and they come up with the most interesting places to go!


  • Shrimp/chicken Scampi with angel hair pasta
  • Chicken and Pork street tacos with guacamole and chips
  • Roast beef with potatoes, onions and carrots
  • Pork chops corn and broccoli
  • Fine Dining Friday this is when we get the kids dressed up and have dinner as a family since we miss so many dinners during the week together because of our busy schedules. Plus it exposes the kids to etiquette and different, more formal atmospheres most people never experience before they become adults.

Now that meal planning is complete I like to make sure my to-do list is up to date. I created my own planner so it is more tailored to how I operate. I have 8 main things that are on my weekly to do list:

  • Laundry a load a day keeps the chaios away. It keeps my laundry from piling up and sometimes I can get 2 or three complete but I never start a new load if the dryer load is not folded and put away.
  • Iron uniforms for kids for school
  • Self care, I do one each week, mani/pedi, massage, lashes, hair and lunch with a friend. I make sure I don’t forget my friends due to my busy schedule and if I do my self care once a week my appearance is always top notch. Plus it gives me a reason to play in my closet and get dressed up
  • Walk dogs, we have 5 dogs so my husband is in charge of the one rowdy walker otherwise I take the other 4. I do one each week so they can have a little alone time with mommy and daddy, plus they love to ride with us as I take the kids to school.
  • Collect eggs daily
  • Water greenhouse goodies
  • Change litter box litter
  • Sanitize surfaces and home, we have 5 dogs and 2 cats that live in our house and the pool house but they also go outside a lot which means they track stuff we cant see indoors. I like to use a disinfectant mop solution to make sure all of the floors stay germ free. I spray each room with lysol daily to keep the airborne germs to a minimum and I wipe all countertops and tables with my favorite smelling disinfectant Odoban.

For me, keeping a routine helps to keep my happiness in tact. I hope my routine and meals help to take some of the chaos out of your week. Its a great guide to get started with your very own list of important tasks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much and set goals so you know why you have this list. My goal is to be productive and organized. I am no where near a minimalist, therefore my home can get chaotic really quickly if I don’t stay on top of things. I can dehydrate as well because I can drink all of the champagne and coffee in the world without a reminder but water is easily forgotten! I hope you enjoy your new schedule and see you next time in Lisa’s Lane!

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