Why I Blog

Why I Blog

Lisa’s Lane is a place to get creative.  I like to explore ways to make simple everyday life feel like an adventure.  Take what seems impossible or unrealistic and make them a possible reality.

In the words of the artist Jay-Z, “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”.

That’s why I wanted to blog and why I think you will enjoy my blog.  This is the place to gather inspiration to see that all great people began as normal people with extraordinary ideas.

We will have amazing adventures in the Kitchen, with our kids, pets, homes, yards, in our minds, in our spirits and yep even some actual get on a plane adventures.

Please take this time with me to see you have one life, you make it everything it is  and the idea of I will start tomorrow, Monday, next month, next year  is a thing of the past.  Today is your day!  Take one idea and act on it.  Start small and finish big!

Tomorrow is here!

Now lets stroll down Lisa’s Lane!

Lisa White